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  • Middlesbroughs done that well in the last 50 years? and which alternative earth do you live on?

    I dont ever seem to remember Middlesbrough normally finishing within the top 5 of the Premiership season after season or being in back to back FA Cup finals within a decade?

    In their credit, Boro had a half decent season previous to this one, and done better than their normal average this season, but they are still crap and dont compare in club size and stature To Newcastle United.

    I guess the fact that they have beaten Manchester United and Chelsea deserves some applause, but hey! Boro didnt beat Newcastle United this season even with their '100x' better side that you claim they have. (winks)

    If Boro are that good a side explain how they finished 14th in the Premiership and Newcastle United finished 7th with a injury plagued squad and club problems all season long?

    As for mentioning Manchester United, you'll find that Newcastle Uniteds 5-0 destruction of them at St James Park was their biggest defeat at that time in a 16 year period 21 October 1996, a feat Chelsea have never managed. ;op

    As for Chelsea FC, I was quite happy they retained the Premiership title as I cant stand Manchester United, but didnt Chelsea not just suffer a defeat at the hands of Newcastle United at St James Park last week? bloody hell! I'd be hiding my head in shame if I supported a team that Titus Bramble scored an Alan Shearer-esq goal against to beat the Premiership Champions.

    soadfan161 - Chelsea fan, yeah! probably switched over being a Glory Boy fan from Manchester United last season did you?

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    • Yes, theres alot of Middlesbrough fans that seem to have very short memories.

      Middlesbrough FC's has had two better than average seasons than they normally do and they think they are the best team on the planet.

      Hope they get relegated next season, it would serve their fans right for getting to big for their boots.

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      • I do find it hilarious that these Geordies think their club is so massive. They last won a trophy in 1969 and think this propels them to be a sleeping giant of the english game, im sorry, its more like a coma you only woke up from a couple of times.

        "Oh but we have won the FA Cup 6 times" they say.

        Yes, you have, the last time was 51 years ago!!!

        You are not a big club, nor a sleeping giant, you are just a mediocre club who, in admittance, has a good fan base. However, i think your fanbase need to wake up and realise your club is not as big as you think it is, you are not a top 4 team, you will be lucky to qualify for europe next year through the inter-two-bob cup and you have just appointed a manager who

        a) doesnt have the right qualifications
        b) suffers from stress
        c) didnt even want to manage any club, never mind yours

        All in all, neither of our teams are big clubs, but the difference is, we know we aint, you think you are!

      • we dont have short memories, we enjoy the memories we have as they are more recent than yours. how many 10 year old geordies are there that can say they've seen there team win something? in fact how many 40 year old geordies can say they've seen there team win anything. enjoy your gloat but it's mindless arseholes like you that give your club a bad name.

        you lot will get relegated before we do and that will serve people like you right.