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    Watching 'The Bill' next season?

    All together now, "While you got humped off Seville, we were watching The Bill" - did you catch that then all you smoggy losers?

    Theres only one side in the region that had ever won a piece of European silverware - and the smoggies never looked like changing that on Wednesday night, losing their UEFA Cup Final 4-0 in Eindhoven to Seville.

    That result - coupled with their inept showing in the Premiership - means that the now-managerlesss Boro won't be playing in Europe next season. Shame ey? LOL

    Look on the bright side of it though, if Newcastle United qualify for the UEFA Cup via the Intertoto route you can always watch 'The Bill' on ITV instead.

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    • bitter doesnt really sum some 'toon' fans.... whereas Alan Shearer's newcastle career does.... overrated, has been, won nothing... (except with blackburn)... if i wanted to dig up the past i'd borrow ur spade assuming the handle aint broken cos it's so overused.... good luck in the inter two bob... is it on tele... didnt think so!!!!

    • Dear Mr I've not been on tour as much as Boro have recently. You need to read my email you plonker (oh no don't insult me so badly I'm near to crying here)

      I ask a question, look the sign "?" gives it away. So the answer is 2 (well done you go that bit right)

      My answer is 5.

      2 being a number smaller than 5 (by 2.5 times, sorry I don't mean to confuse you, sit down and ask your dad to explain it in between him touching you, if you can)

      That makes Boro's stat more impressive which is my point. We have been to more cup finals than you in 20 years (going back to that 2 being smaller than 5 again, sorry)

      The point of mentioning the youth internationals is wasted on you clearly. It is a sign of future development (managers can't keep wasting money on #$%$ imports, I think all the player names are obvious here, you may wish to send that point to fat freddy) club progress, future team ability and growth I could go on but I think you'll be lost again. Don't worry we'll go slowly with you (see earlier comment about your dad).

      I'm not slating Owen I think he's great. Its NUFC I'm popping at you idiot (see slowly comment above)

      I know you’re above us in the 18 year group. All our 18 year olds are in the first team it's our 16 year olds your only 2 places above! (see 2 smaller than 5 comment, same applies to 3, well done your improving now!)

      STUPID HEAD in capitals, he he he. You’re funny. You really got my attention on that paragraph (paragraph don't ask daddy about this one, you'll only make him mad, he won't know how to explain it)

      The rest of you comments I answered on your home page.

      Now run along I think daddies brought some of his friend’s home for you to play on.

    • No, Owen isn't my best mate but that doesn't mean I don't have insider knowledge. Owen did not want to join Newcastle but Fat Freddy put all his eggs in one basket and priced everyone out of the market. Owen wanted Liverpool, thats why he was there in the days running up to his move to the toon. Liverpool wouldn't up their offer and no one else came in with a bid. Owen desperate to get a game under his belt had to be playing somewhere before the world cup. So despite stating to people he did not want to sign for the toon he had no viable option. I know players don't always love the club they play for, but Owen did and does not want to be in Newcastle. Now here's the twist in the tail - Owen has let it be know he wants to leave and Liverpool and A N Other are interested but are not up to paying the silly money Newcastle are demanding for a player who likely misses half a season through injury. The world Cup is the make or break for Owen and beleive me if he isn't on fire it won't be through lack of effort - because there are two managers watching every kick a twinge from Owen. Add to that two boards who can pay what Fat Freedy wants and you have one very, very keen Owen. But hey, what do I know, after all we couldn't keep Zenden with UEFA football, but you can keep Owen with Intertoto! Does that add up to you?

      Another little misconception Owen wasn't unhappy just about the injuries - he IS unhappy in Newcastle - don't beleive the damage limitation #$%$ after Svens honest comments.

    • lol well theres no doubt Newcastle are the biggest club in the NE so why have they never won anything...cos they sack the manager at the drop of a hat roeder has now got newcastle back to where they were just before Robson was sacked....a bad start next season and hell be down the road too.

    • Hmmmm....torment...a bit like you being tormented by the fact we got to a final and received messages of support from nearly every team in the country.....torment...like when you keep getting your profile deleted for vile sickening abuse by Yahoo....torment...... hiding behind endless Yahoo accounts and profiles in order to insult Teesiders about being druggies , on the game and even worse because your previous profile was deleted .......torment ....when 90% of the people on these message boards(which by the way (laughs) includes your own fans)think you’re a sad little #$%$....torment ! Ha ha ha ha ha ..Hurry up and run along now…….I think the circus is in toon and they need a new fookin clown ..ha ha ha ha ha ha !!

    • I know we didnt win the UEFA cup, but neither did the skunks. Still comparing the fairs cup to the UEFA cup is plain stupid, is newcastle's name on the UEFA cup? NO. That's just a desperate grap for a trophy in the last 50 years. Nobody took it seriously then, nobody cares if you won it now. When newcastle were coming up to 50 years without a trophy they were talking about the FA cup win 50 odd years ago. When that deadline went, they started referring to their "fairs cup" win as being their last trophy. That's like us going on about the Anglo-scottish cup being a real trophy win and that it was the pre-cursor to the Champions league.

    • You still didn't say if you've seen your team win anything. Do you really think you'll win something in your lifetime. At least I can say I saw my team lift a Trophy and I saw my team play in a UEFA cup final. have you seen that in your lifetime?

    • Wrong again markibbotson, I live facing the Town Moor and can see St James Park from my front door, so nice try at an insult, but thats all it was...a try!

      Anyhow, it was pretty naff, a bit like Boro's game play in the Uefa Cup Final.

      I like your bite in the Newcastle forums markibbotson, it seems that all you Teessider idiots can do is only revert to insults when you cant argue with the facts any further.

      For Example, I'd say "Newcastle United beating Boro 2-1 at the Riverside which was a magnificent 3 points that the Geordies gained!" to which you'd probably reply "Can you put your shoes on the correct feet and tie you laces yet?"

      Its usually your fans that detract from the football topics to the insults.

      No wonder I keep popping back to torment you lot, the likes of yourself continually ask for it.

      PS - Get your head out of your own silly ar*e before you make your fat gob flap!

    • You should see the #$%$ he's wrote about us on the newcastle message board. He probably wouldn't know how to get to st james park if he was stood outside it.

    • Nice one Douggie you certainly got a bite there.....d yer fancy going fishing tomorrow too mate ?

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