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  • A Yahoo! User May 16, 2006 07:56 Flag

    Watching 'The Bill' next season?

    Thats almost amusing, nearly as funny as only having to wait 128 years to win ONE Cup EVER in Boro's history and even that was a fluke!

    ....so when Newcastle United were winning honours in the good old days of black and white telly, what had Boro ever won?

    Nowt, thats what.

    Black and White stripes is still a far better option than wearing a common red strip like so many teams, but it suits Boro down to the ground, common as muck.

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    • Yawn, yawn, yawn. We won this back then, we got more fans - well of course you do you silly #$%$ you live in a much bigger City than our little town and have a massive catchment area? Try comparing yourself to Man Utd, Celtic, Rangers, Arsenal, Liverpool - all comparable clubs except for one thing, hmm, what could that be? Oh yes, you never win owt and when you did win something black and white telly was only in every second street.

      Unforunately I would love to watch the bill when you are in Europe next season but ain't in Europe next year, please don't tell me it's a real Europen competition 'cos it ain't. I would hold out much hope for owen spending next season in the intertoto when Liverpool come knocking either. If you beleive nothing I say on this forum believe me when I say this - Owen is desperately unhappy at Newcastle.