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  • A Yahoo! User May 19, 2006 00:00 Flag

    Watching 'The Bill' next season?

    dougbororobson, Newcastle United and cup finals? Thanks for exposing yourself to be a total plonker, proves my point that Teessiders havent got the brains they were born with.

    I've actually seen and been to two FA Cup finals dougbororobson; 1998 Toon Vs Arsenal and 1999 Toon Vs Man Utd....so whats your point there then? or did you forget about them? thats 2 FA Cup finals well within the last 20 years you f*cking stupid, thick, brainless smoggy bigot.

    Your going on about academys ey? clever tw*t, yet lets see now? NUFC's under 18's finished in 3rd place whilst Boro finished in 5th, check out the link below;


    But I'm sure you'll have an attempt at some stupid answer back to that one too? The Wilton fumes and your teams flukey Uefa Cup run have given you, and all of your lot delusions of grandeur lately.

    Look at you bleating on about England youth internationals, and your now "FORMER" manager, whats the point of going on about England Internationals and youth internationals?

    Your slating Owen? is it just because hes a Newcastle United player now? I'm sure you wouldnt be mentioning him if he was still at real Madrid? if he scores the winning goal in the World Cup final this year, you like everyone else will be treating him like a God.

    Enough of that, back to the Boro argument....

    It seems to have failed to sink into your STUPID HEAD that it took Middlesbrough 128 years to WIN ONE CUP!!! nevermind this 'runner up' business, thats 128 years for ONE PIECE OF SILVERWARE and your slating Newcastle United!? what a hypocrite.

    128 years! thats alot longer a period of time than when Newcastle United last won major silverware (the Fairs Cup/old Uefa Cup) back in 1969 so Newcastle United have actually won european silverware, something which Boro have not. (nor alot of other English clubs)

    If Boros that bloody good, how comes they didnt finish any higher than 14th place in the Premiership then? whilst our "un-qualified Manager" (as you put it) takes over from the sacked Souness and NUFC reach 7th place, beating your beloved Boro too on our travels.

    You shouldnt knock Glen Roader really, he did finish the season as the Premierships most successful 'English' Manager, which is more than can be said for Steve McClaren.

    "Theres only one job on Teesside" yeah! the f*cking managers job at their local crap football club.