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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug May 17, 2006 15:45 Flag


    It's better to know the right time than have someone who isn't qualified to run a top flight club in charge!

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    • I've heard Steve Gibson has done a deal with Fat Freddy, Venables is going to give Roeder private tuition to help him through his exams. I always said it would take someone with half a brain to manage Newcastle, seems like Shepherd overheard me.

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      • Lets just hope the pressure doesn't get to him.....again.

        Seems glenn didn't take his test cos he didn't want to get back into top flight football management (when your relegated with 7 full england international squad members who would?). What does that say about the boss you've installed that mentally he never wanted to pick the reigns up again and hiding behind not having the badge would prevent him from being put in the firing line?

        Old fat freddy moaned when the LMA chair complained about glenns appointment cos he didn't have the qualification's. I've listed below

        "I think it is a disgrace he said that and shame on him," said Shepherd on Sky Sports News. "For a union leader to try and stop someone getting a job, I find it incredible that he should go to these lengths and I am very disappointed.

        "I can't believe this guy has said that."

        Although the LMA have responded making Freddy look more stupid than normal. I also want to respond.

        Why should the LMA speak out against his appointment? Err cos its the RULES of the FA and Prem league. Rules he signed and said he'd abide to as a club chairman. Why can't you have the entire Brazilian squad starting in the Prem in one team? Er there are a set of rules saying you can't have that number of foreign players.

        And yes there are rules about the level of qualifications your manager needs. Roeder ran West Ham for over 2 years with out bothering to get the badge. He ran NUFC for half a season without bothering. At some point somebody needs to say he had his chance and bottled it. Why should he get 3 years special treatment when everybody else has bothered?

        It looks like freddy has gone for the soft option of a manager, on a short term contract, someone he can manipulate and won't stand up to him. Cos he pulls the trigger on his managers quicker than a virgin in a whorehouse.