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  • Since Venables and now O'Neill have turned down to manager Boro, think its time to look overseas for a manager?

    I can see where Gibson's coming from as its always good to go British but it seems there is lack of quality British managers and that are also available at the moment to take the club forward as Gibsons wants to

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    • Playing the likes of Man U and Chelsea we always play them like cup games as were not expecting to win but as we've shown we can play football against the big boys and win.

      I agree that we dont do as well against the lower teams in the league as we should but they have the same mentality as we do. Play it like a cup game and if they win its big, if they lose then they weren't expecting to win.

      I'm not saying we should narrow our thoughts to the cups but we have to be realistic in our expectations. I too believe we can become a top 6 team but i also think that our best option is a cup. In any case as long as we finish above the mags i wouldn't mind finishing 17th.

      Take into consideration that Chesea got beat by us, Fulham and Charlton. All 3 teams that beat them we're in the lower half of the league so every team has inconsistancy just ours seems to be every other week. brilliant 1 week terrible the next. If Gareth can bring consistancy and belief to the team then i think we will have a great season and i dont see why we cant finish in the top 6.

    • I agree and disagree Mark, Yes we need a tighter defence that doesn’t leak as many goals, but we DO beat the likes of Chelsea, Man U and some of the other big teams...what we need to start doing is getting results against the lower teams that we should be beating week in week out, that is the problem... we lose to lower sides then when we expect to be stuffed by a higher placed team ...we win !!

      A good run in the cups is great too and I was so proud of our UEFA cup results...but if we narrow our vision to the cups we are going to get kicked up the arse in the premiership...SM had some good ideas but for a while last season things were looking grim in the league, I believe we can and SHOULD finish in the top 6 AND enjoy good cup runs...I mean how good would it be to have both options - qualification via league or cup...look at last season we were relying on winning the Uefa to get in Europe next season...and that didn’t happen.

    • You have a point doug, all i'm saying is the coaching team over the past 6 years hasn't changed and luck what it has brought the club. Yes we had a very inconsistant season in the league but SM always said our best chances to get into europe were cup games and thats how he seemed to gear his training and tactics. You cant play cup style football every week so thats were the inconsistancy comes in.

      Gareth has already said he wants us to improve in the league which should be his priority but as boro fans we do enjoy our trips to cup finals.

      Being realistic have we got the team to finish in the top 4 or 6? Chelsea, Liverpool, Man utd & Arsenal seem to have got the top 4 positions sewn up for the foreseable future. As much as it pains me to say if any team can break that monopoly it's probably Spurs which leaves 1 spot to aim for for 5 or 6 teams.

      We need to improve defensively if we are going to get that position. We didn't have a problem scoring but teams new that they could score against us. We had to score 2 or 3 to win a game. That needs to be resolved, only then can we start thinking about a top six finish.

      Until then the cups are our best chance of returning for another crusade through europe.

      Come on Boro!!!!

    • Consistency is the main thing we need,
      How in the world can we lose 4 nil to villa one week then stuff Chelsea the next!! Just when we think we have got it together along comes a team like Sunderland who beats us!! I am sure it’s not only me that gets frustrated...

      Last season I saw us play some of the best football I ever saw, we were passing the ball intelligently, getting into good positions, defending as a unit and the forwards were ripping opposition defences to shreds...then next game we played like a team of one legged donkeys- couldn’t pass or keep the ball, no- coordination or movement and a definite lack of control and invention from our midfield players. It is that inconsistency that worries me because it only takes a bad run of games and we are up to our necks in the #$%$ with the threat of relegation.
      I just hope that Southgate can sort out this up and down business and start to put some consistent league results together, irrespective of any cup runs we may have.

    • Some well made points there Doug! We must stop conceding goals and accrue many more clean sheets so a solid well drilled and disciplined back four is essential. Southgate was clearly lacking pace towards the end of last season and a good young replacement to play alongside Riggott is needed. Boateng does a great job in midfield, but I'm not sure that Mendieta has a full season in him and so another creative midfielder for Cattermole to learn from is also necessary. This in my humble opinion is the basis for an improved team next season. Then if we keep Viduka and Hasselbaink to play alongside Yakubu fed by Downing and Morrison (I'm not still convinced about Maccarone despite his European feats)we have plenty of goals in the team. Add to this the young guns awaiting their chances, top six should be possible.

    • This last couple of weeks have been a little humiliating I think, with choice after choice turning us down. I thought it was only Newcastle who prospective managers turned down. Now we seem to be turning to inexperience and I am concerned it may prove costly. Gareth although a great player an inspirational character on the pitch and a role model of and on it, is a huge gamble. I think Steve Gibson, who it is fair to say must have got a bit of a shock from the rejections, should have gone for Houlier, who would have relished return to the Premiership and with such a good chairman and set up. Perhaps loyalty to backroom staff and possibly some residual bitterness from the Zeige affair has coloured Gibson's judgement??

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      • Got to agree with you there mate, a massive gamble. I have no doubts that Southgate will be a good manager someday, he is not stupid. But at this stage of our 'evolution' I think we should have got a proven manager, even if he was foriegn. We had profile and a set up in place that should have got a 'top drawer' manager. That said we have to get behind the new manager and hope we are made to eat our words.

    • I was having a drink with Wilf Manions grandson yesterday and he reckons Curbishley is meeting Steve Gibbson in the next few days.... perhaps he would bring some much needed consistency to the team..... although personally I agree with smogtastic and would like to see a foreign manager in charge with a bit of flair, who will attract good signings, develop and use the youth team and ultimately get us playing good attacking football that will get the ground full to capacity every week.... It might be a bit ambitious but Scolari would be ideal....he does has a record of taking Brazilian mid table teams to go on and win the South American equivalent of the champions league. Lets hope Portugal do #$%$ this summer and he leaves…mind you I cant see him swapping the Algarve for Redcar beach …..hang on ….apparently he’s a keen fisherman…perhaps we could entice him with a free pair of waders and a days fishing down the South Gare !

    • I've got to agree with you but El TEl was always looking back with Rose tinted glasses and at 63 with a four year contract he'd be 67 and with his other commitments I don't think he was ever going to sign, esp when there is a glory position in the England set up available. He can go to England gee the team up (one of Stevie Mac's weaknesses?) and be covered in glory should they win or slip away with business interests needing attention if things go badly.

      The time wasted chasing El Tel seems, along with insisting that the backroom staff staying the same, may have cost us signing O'neil. Surely as the best manager not employed, the benefit of having him at the club out weighs the cost of changing two coaches purely down to loyalty? Loyalty is very important but do two jobs of guys that were installed under the previous coach outweigh getting O'neil? I don't think so - if that was the reason he didn't sign.

      Hopefully there is still a great coach who likes to play attacking football out there. Al Curbishly is just a very safe sideways selection. What great players have signed for him? Where as boro have signed loads from a weaker position in the league. Maybe I'm just #$%$ and we had a bigger budget to buy but he doesn't really inspire.

      From the final this year we, with the youngsters now a year older, have to push on in the league, improve our technique and distribution of the ball and player better football that lifts the crowd. We need a manager to deliver on this. With some rumours saying he'll promote internally from the club ie Gareth Southgate. As much as he needs to stay I think this would be a mistake. The last 13 years we've had debut managers. Time for experience for Boro. Lets get the full benefit of the money that's been spent previously and get an experienced hand running the club. Not my choice (that was O'neil) but lets see if the Tinkerman gets linked with the job now!