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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Jun 9, 2006 00:15 Flag

    New Manager

    I think you hit and missed the problem on the head Mark. I agree there won't be a problem with Gareth as manager. SM lost his first 4 games and the first 4-0 and we never seem to win on the first game of the season so he has everything to aim for. The problem may well be with the coaches staying the same, with the training ground routines not changing are we going to see an improved Boro team in terms of passing, technique and ideas when the chips are down on the pitch? Will the long, ineffective, ball remain? (aside from the chelsea game). Can the midfield start to dominate more and keep possesion? I think Gareth may well charge the players more and get them up for games, we'll see. Dropping them? He'd better not have an issue with this. Getting them to play better football with confidence when under pressure (with the same coaches) this is his problem. If nothing changes in training why would it improve on the field. Hopefully his presence will be the extra we need to push on and stuff the other teams in the league after we beat the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Man U again!

    Come on Gareth!! Come on BORO!! I want another European Final!