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  • scott scott Jun 23, 2006 15:49 Flag

    Who's Next?

    I was at the Man Utd game last season and he was absolutely fantastic, he ran the show from start to finish. His form has come in spurts, but this is mainly due to the injuries he has suffered in the last 2 seasons.

    Im overjoyed Boateng decided to stay, his presence in the squad for us is fantastic!

    I wouldnt like to see Hargreaves or Barton in our team. I dont think Hargreaves would come anyway being honest, and Barton causes trouble wherever he goes, remember in the far east and the fight with a 15 year old Everton fan? disguisting!!

    I agree with Parlour too, i think he should be shown the door, along with Christie and i think Hasselbaink should be given a thankyou for his service and let go of. We need another young striker who can keep pace with the premiership and not laze about on the half way line complaining about passes which went 4 yards away from him which he couldnt be bothered to move for.

    As for players i would like to see come in, well i think in Huth we have a great player, a young, strong centre back who would walk into most premiership teams, even Mourinho said that.

    I would of liked us to go after Kallstrom, but he has just signed a deal with Lyon, and i would of liked us to make another move for Stephen Appiah, hes been outstanding in the world cup.

    With the whole scandal in Italy, i would strongly at the teams involved, especially Juve and Milan, maybe not their starters, but the people they have on the bench who would make the grade over here.

    Even though he is a moody bugger, i think Anelka would be a good signing, and we could pick him up for about £5m. He did fantastic at liverpool and i think he would do a good job for us too