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  • Not a bad choice but what about Mendieta, will he still be at the riverside and will he be a bit part player. I'd rather have him in the side than Rochemback. He's a more creative player who can change a game. Rochemback is to much like Barton, don't know how to put them together in the midfield. They both pick up to many bookings. we need someone in the middle who can draw a foul not commit to many. Malbranque from fulham would do nicely I think.

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    • Mendieta is finished, and has been since about 2001. Get rid. Rochemback is awful: he can't control a ball (surely, this man is not Brazilian) and his free kicks are legendary (but not in a good way). He gives away far too many free kicks in key positions. I s'pose he should be given another chance for the first half of the season; after that there can be no complaints about getting used to English football etc.

      Barton is good, but he's a trouble maker and I wouldn't like to see him in the Boro dressing room.

      We'll have to see who Southgate fancies and go with it... Huth is a good signing, but people are kidding themselves if they think it's a good partnership with Riggott... he loses concentration too often and I blame him for our semi-final defeat and a few others last year.

      Hopefully Downing will stay, hopefully Gareth has seen a decent goalie whilst out in Germany, a one who doesn't #$%$ himself when a cross comes in, one who can command the area. Cattermole looks a good 'un... stay with him rather than Barton I think.

      We should sign Owen Hargreaves, MaClaren was always said to be after him.


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      • I disagree about Mendieta, he was terrific against Man Utd, but he is a bit injury prone. What he can offer the young players however is immeasurable, so I wouldn't like to see him go just yet. As for Rochembach, my jury is still out, I think we see what he is like on the run up to Christmas and then off laod if necessary.
        I am 100% in agreement with you about Barton. Downing will not be allowed to go even if he wanted to and then for £12m plus surely. As for Hargreaves, if McLaren couldn't persuade him last time, I doubt Southgate will have the clout to do so.
        We need to offload Parlour, well passed his Premiership sell-by date. I'd like to see Southgate put in a bid for Tevez, and we have got to hang on to Viduka and Hasselbaink.

        Oh and as for your point about the Keeper, Ustari (Aregentina) would be an excellant replacement