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  • Just thought it would be good to ask all the top teams about how we should welcome the cheating, dancing fairy; Ravishing (lording it) Ronaldo back to the premiership.

    Be honest now !!!!!!!

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    • To be honest, i really dont care

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      • I must say, I take your stance... I really don't care about him. What is the point of booing/chanting at players? It only comes back to haunt you after he scores against you.

        Actually, If I was a ful-back, everytime he did that stepover thing I'd kick him in the bollaxs then say to him and the ref "Sorry, he's just too damned tricky. I tried to get the ball and he fooled me" until he stopped doing it. Then I'd kick him again cos he's a prick.

        And can someone please do the same to Joe Cole... it really annoys me.

        I remember a great sketch on Fantasy Football when Ronaldo first came here where Frank Skinner impersonated him siting in a chair and cross his legs and getting them tied up.

    • Well, just to be original, I guess he'll get booed every time he touches the ball. Maybe if away fans to Man Utd all wore scuba masks...?
      I truly hope he stays a season in England and learns to face the music, but I wouldn't lay much money on the chances of that - More likely he'll skulk off to some Spanish superclub where they welcome cheats, fakers and there are more divers than on the Great Barrier reef - just like the spoilt little rich crybaby we all always thought he was...