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  • Don't know if it's just me or is anybody else worried we're not making any significant movement in the transfer market. After letting Jimmy and Doriva go and now it looks like Franck is on his way to fulham it's worrying that we dont seem to be attracting players to the riverside just letting players go to get the wage bill down. I'm all for Gareth being boss but can he pull big named players? Anyone else got a view on this?

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    • In some way i'm glad JFH and Doriva have left and think Parlour and Ugo should also go, but i'm worried that tho we need one or two in defence, Boro also need that spark in midfield, a pacey right winger to challenge Morrison and that should get the best out of him, Also the forward line in the sense of Christie and Macca wont worry players like Yak or Vids and wont also terrify opposition defences,

      I mean they are world class forwards who are available like Saviola and Trezeguet even if the later is only a loan till the end of the season

      Plus i think if Franck was linked to another prem club he would wanna join one with more ambition than Fulham provide

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      • I agree, i was a bit stumped by Francks decision to talk to Fulham. They dont seem to have a great deal of ambition, are losing their best player in Malbranque and i think they will struggle next season again.

        I think it was the right time for Jimmy and Doriva to leave, and i think Parlour should go too. I would like to see us keep hold of Ugo for another year at least, just as cover at best.

        I would like to see us get at least one other for central defence now our bid for Huth seems to be dead in the water. Perhaps looking at one of the no nonsense Italian defenders from the relegated clubs would be a good thing to do right now.

        Southgate has said he doesnt want another striker for next season, which i think could come back to haunt him. Yak and the Duke are brilliant players, but with Dukes' injury history, we could be caught short.