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    Fix the centre defence rigt

    Sol campbell, Gallas, Toure, Huth are available now. Grab them and Middlesboruogh can be top sic club.

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    • only small town in europe & no euro footy this season.

    • Campbell - Past his best, his hearts not in football anymore and i wouldnt want to see him in a Boro shirt. Crazy wages for someone who went missing last year, both physically and mentally. Id rather go without!

      Gallas - Wouldnt come to us, will be picked up by one of the big European teams when his contract expires next year.

      Toure - Excellent player, Arsenal wouldnt let him go as their defence is weak enough now without letting their best defender go!

      Huth - Possibly getting him on loan until he can prove his fitness. An excellent no nonesense defender, Im surprised Chelsea are letting him go as i thought he would be excellent with Terry at the back and would certainly scare strikers to bits between them!

    • Sol Campbell - to old for my liking and would want £40k+ a week, plus would he commented??? and what will he do when her plays against arsenal and spurs?? die for the boro cause or roll over

      Gallas - wants to move to italy or spain for a more fresher challenge, would rather move to a team that challenges for cl rather than lc or fa cup

      Toure - no thanks, plain and simple, if he's not good enough for arsenal why would he be better at the boro , plus arsenal need all the defenders they have at the mo

      Huth - might be getting on loan with the promise of a permanent signing if he proves he's worth £5M at the end of the season