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    Roller coaster season?

    With a dismal pre season campaign behind us why do I get the ‘here we go again’ feeling? Where do we think we will finish this season? My forecast is within the bottom 5! And unless we quickly bag several points from the first 5 games I can see a bottom 3 finish.
    Come what ever this season thows at us - the highs and the lows – I will still be a Boro fan.

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    • Now, how is the top 8 finish coming along? Oh dear what is wrong with us?

    • Fair comment lads....I think those last 2 posts are pretty close to the mark...hopefully we will sign Woodgate and Huth but we will still need more creativity in Midfield...and as for Rochemback being a Brazilian...I reckon the only Brazilian thing about him is when he trims his pubes.

    • Well let's hope we've got our 4-0 thrashing at home out of the way now and we can concentrate on the rest of the season!!
      I am a great admirer of Gareth Southgate on and off the field and last season he was clearly not up to his own high standards and suffering from lack of pace. Age unfortunately hits us all. On this message board I advocated Steve Gibson should find a role for GS in the new set up when MacLaren was appointed England Coach. I was surprised however to see him given the top job after two more qualified people had turned down the job. O'Neil turned it down because he could not appoint his own team, with Gibson preferring to stay loyal to the existing back room staff. I just hope that loyalty is not going to prove his undoing.
      Last nights debacle against Portsmouth was just awful. Whilst Rednap has clearly got his players pumped up and playing out of their skins, Boro were lack lustre and inept with Southgate showing his tactical nouse to be non existant against the wily Rednap. MacLaren learned his tactical skill from Jim Smith and Sir Alex Ferguson, Southgate has no one. Whilst he marshalled a back four better than anyone, he doesn't know how to mix it to crack open a determined defence.
      No I'm not condemning Boro to relegation three games into the season, but I am saying Southgate needs help with tactics NOW, and perhaps he needs assistance in the motivation department, that I'm not sure on. He will one day be a very good manager, but I don't want him learning by his mistakes at Boro's expense. There must be some experienced old heads who could act as mentor.
      But, if we are in the bottom three at Christmas, we will find it very difficult to fight off the overtures of the likes of Spurs where Downing is concerned and an often disinterested Viduka might just be disinterested enough to seek to ply his talents elsewhere. Others may follow suit.
      So Steve Gibson you need to act now, quietly and behind the scenes, before we are twelve games into the season and at sitting at the wrong end of the season.

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      • You have hit the nail on the head - the manager needs some one to learn from. Of course he has my full backing, but an experienced assistant manager/director of football will help us.
        See pre season friendly’s do mean something and are a good gauge to mark the forth coming season by. Oh dear!
        Still at least we are on top of the 1 pointers in the table - Just!
        Here we go again.

    • Don't you think that it would be great just to see boro in the top half of the table! At least this season though the lads won't be as knackered towards the end of this season compared to last season, after all those international matches too? I really hope the lads do well!!!!!!!!

    • At least we are now top ! Top of the no pointers!:-( I am sure we can bounce back, and get our season up and running.

    • Well at least we are undefeated at home this season - I think that will help us this season!

    • Steady on Dan!! Are you saying that if we had won at Reading 4.0 and therefore been 'top of the Premiership' we could be looking forward to Champions League etc. No, I thought not. So losing away from home to a side newly promoted is no great problem. If I were a Fulham or Man City supporter I would be very worried this morning. Quedrue must be wondering what he has done!! I'm still looking forward to my curry

    • I was saying - Roller coaster season! Lets hope Chelsea (who ever they are) are no come back side!
      Wot Curry & 10 pints! Sob Sob Sob!!!

    • kht is right, that is totally pessimistic.

      Pre season means absolutely nothing, its only there to get our guys fit. Im impressed with the signing of Arca, he was one of few shining lights for the mackems over the past couple of years and showed me everything i needed to know when he came up to the riverside last year!

      I think another centre back is needed, and possibly another striker. As much as i love massimo, and as much as i like malcolm, i dont think either will cut it, leaving us only the duke and yak up front. With dukes fitness over the past couple of seasons, im worried he wont play very often.

      I think a top half finish, and 1 good cup run this year!

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      • I do agree with both of you too - I am Mr pesamistic, and once we start the season, and we are off and running things will be a lot rosier in my eyes.
        We do need a few new players to beef the squad up, and injuries permitting we can do something for the season.
        The new gaffer will be fine, and if it goes pear shaped, I will not be calling for his head, it is something that I do not believe in doing.
        I hope that come the end of the season, you guys will be right, and I will be wrong, and I will gladly accept all the S**t to come my way, and I will still buy you all a drink.
        Come on Boro

    • Good grief Dan...pessimistic or what. A series of no consequence, nothing at stake games doesn't mean anything. We do need to beef up central defence and we need cover in midfield but otherwise i think we are in pretty reasonable shape. Our position at the turn of the year will be a good indicator, but for goodness sake don't write us off before we've even kicked a ball in anger