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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 29, 2006 21:54 Flag

    Roller coaster season?

    Here we go again indeed...again lack of consistency being our main drawback. Last nights defeat against a clearly rejuvenated Portsmouth again showed how disorganised we are in defence...especially from set pieces...the first goal was just laughable...how the hell we didn’t clear the loose ball I will never know.
    Our play in the final third is also too predictable...there was no telling pass to open up Pompeys defence and what we did was easily dealt with by Sol Campbell and co.
    Mendietta looks lost and gave the ball away to easily, Downing showed his quality and delivered some great balls but there was no one on the end of them.
    Come on Gibson how about getting us some experienced help for Southgate...All respect to Gareth, he has been a great player for us but as a manager is he really up to the task in hand ?

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    • I have to admit, being a Newcastle fan, I was fairly amused with the 4-0 thrashing you took from Portsmouth the other night, as I'm sure many of you would be had it been the black and white's on the receiving end of it. I have to ask though, how can you go from beating Chelsea, quite convincingly to losing so badly????? It's not like it's a one off either last season you beat Chelsea, Arsenal, Man Utd and Liverpool if I remember correctly yet lost to Sunderland!!!!! It seems some of your players are only interested in the big occasions. I also think you haven't replaced the big players who left / retired - Hasslebaink, Southgate and in my opinion Quedrue. Granted Arca is a good player on the left wing, but as a left back quite hopeless - look at the thrashing he took against Reading. I personally think that, unless you sign at least two defenders in the next couple of days you're really going to struggle this season. I don't think you'll be relegated as there are far worse teams in the league but I can't see you finishing much higher than mid-table at best.

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      • It always happens doesn't it... I remember Newcastle inflicting Chelsea a defeat in the FA Cup and being bad in other games.

        I'm a Boro fan domiciled in Mackem land and I've been telling them for 5 years that Arca is not half as good as they thought he was, and he's injury prone. Yeah, he looked good against US last year, but that's all.

        The defence we had the other night is abysmal... Schwarzer can't hold the ball and poops his pants when crosses come in, Pogatetz is plain awful and gives numerous free-kicks away, Riggott makes far too many mistakes and loses concentration and Parnaby? I wonder how he get's his place??!!?? I felt sorry for young Taylor. We can't defend set plays. And what does our manager intend replacing them with?? Two (admittedly good players) centre-halfs, both with knee-knack.

        Mendieta was finished before he came here and has played about 3 good games; Rochemback gives away far too many free kicks... if he's Brazilian I'm Brad Pitt. He's like a wall, it just hits him and bounces off... as someone said at work today "I can't kick a ball as far as he controls it!" His free-kicks are the stuff of legend, unfortunately for all the wrong reasons. No the wonder no-body turns up for games, they might get a ball in the face off that clown.

        Viduka... well, apparently he may be off to Newcastle ~ an amazing player at times, some of the things he does make Henry look a carthorse, but he just doesn't look like he's trying 98% of the time.

        Apart from Downing, Boateng and Yakubu are any of them any good? We haven't got a team.

        The Chelsea result flattered us: to be fair they should have buried us well before the 80th minute and, I have to agree with Mourinho. He said we got lucky but we deserved the luck... I think he was being truthful.