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    Downing, how long can you keep him?

    Downing is a great player, who will eventually own the left wing for England in my opinion. No offence to your club is intended here, but he is to good for your club, middlesbrough will never be challenging for the premiership, not in Downings career anyway. For downings career to advance, and for him to become a better player, he needs to be at a club in the top four, for the benefit of downing himself, and the England football team.

    So my question is how long do you think he will remain at your club? And when he does go, what price do yo think you will get for him?

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    • A report in today's Daily Mail says that despite Steve Gibson's reluctance to let Stewart Downing go to Spurs, Keith Lamb has told the Spurs chairman if they put £6m of the £10m up front they can have him. This is evidently because Downing has 'set his heart on a move to Spurs'. I cannot see how the Boro fans will accept this from Downing; a move to Man Utd (to replace Giggs) or Chelsea or Real Madrid they could accept as it would be a major career move and no one would wish to stand in the guy's way, but Spurs???..... a one trick pony side if ever there was one. Undoubtedly the press reports about Jols interest has acted as catalyst but one wonders how much Downing's exposure to the big names of the England squad has had a bearing on his apparent change of heart. But one also wonders how much his girlfriend Michaela Henderson-Thynne's exposure to the WAG culture and the inherent publicity has affected his judgement. The bright lights of London and the propensity of opportunities to spend a multi-thousand pound monthly salary must blow away the opportunities presented by poor old Middlesbrough. So Spurs are benefiting from their postal address rather than the brilliance of their football and their groaning trophy cabinet.If Boro let Downing go it has nothing to do with football on the pitch and everything to do with the bank balance.

    • He has already played in a European final, more than a lot of players at England level have, namely Lampard, Terry, Bridge, Joe Cole , Wright-Phillips etc. Yes, they won the title, but any club that is bankrolled like they are could win the title!!!!!!

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      • That's a fatuous argument ~ all the money that Steve Gibson has spent at Boro and what do we have to show for it?

        One poxy fizzy-pop cup and a team going backwards... and, as good as the achievement in the UEFA Cup was, nobody remembers who came 2nd.

        We will not be in Europe next year, we will have nothing for any top-flight player to come here for and we will be fighting for relegation this season.

        Just look at who we are looking at bringing in: two crocked centre-halfs and a 2nd rate midfielder from Charlton. OK, we don't have the money that Chelsea do but the signings have been underwhelming to say the least ~ and we lost Quedrue and Hasslebainck into the bargain.

        I don't want to see Downing go, but who could blame him? The only thing I would say to him is "Don't go to Spurs" cos they are certainly NOT a top four team... but would he get in Man U, Chelsea, Liverpool or Arsenal's team?? I don't think he would.


    • Maybe Downing wants to stay at Midlesbrough, after all he is born and bred there. You sound like a typical Man United fan from Kent. Go and jump on the bandwagon and slate Middlesbrough like the rest.

    • I heard schevchenko, Drogba and robben want to move to the boro lmao

    • He's came out that he wants to stay, enough said

      I thnk you should forward this link to Jol so he get the hint, https://uk.sports.yahoo.com/08082006/3/downing-dismisses-talk-spurs-move.html