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  • Paul Paul Aug 24, 2006 23:04 Flag

    No Place in Football

    I feel compelled to write about the horror tackles that have been high-lighted in the opening two games of the Premiership. Namely,
    1. The Stamp on Ryan Giggs last weekend, and
    2. The elbow by Ben Thatcher on Pedro Mendes last night.

    The stamp on Giggs was bad enough, could have easily broken his leg! However the elbow by Thatcher left Mendes Knocked out cold and in hospital. It was an absolute disgrace! The likes of which not seen since Keano chopped down Haaland(I think it was him) and ended his career. Horrible Horrible Tackles or whatever you want to call them, as a tackle actually involves going for the ball and not the player!!

    So what should be done?...

    1. The referees in both case's (Giggs and Mendes) only gave yellow cards, yet another disgrace! These referees should be demoted to referee lower leagues and should not be given Premiership matches!

    2. The police should investigate and bring charges against the players concerned. Why should they get away with it just because they are on a football pitch?

    3. The FA should use the video evidence to bring further disciplinary sanctions. I think there are special circumstances when it should be deemed an incompetent referee did not deal with it properly i.e. yellow cards not red.

    4. We, the fans, should make our feeling known to these players that we dont want to see that kind of thing on the pitch. I for one will be booing Ben Thatcher when City visit Old Trafford, and I think fans of other clubs in other stadiums should do the same!

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    • Well the first one of your request has come true, old Dermott has been banished to the Championship in his final year as a ref.

      You need to be cautious about getting the Police involved as you could well see a player just walking (although not in Mendes case) up to a copper on the side line telling him he wants to make a complaint then waiting for the copper to step on to the pitch and arrest him then and there in the middle of the game!

    • Thatcher deserves a ban for the rest of the season if you ask me...sorry to any City fans but he does have a bit of previous