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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 29, 2006 06:49 Flag

    How to be utterly thrashed 4-0

    pmsl @the smoggies! One flukey win against Chelsea and you lot all thought you were going to win the Premiership.

    Same old Boro today, back to getting twonked quite easily off second rate clubs.

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    • fluke? do me a favor son, chelsea were lucky to get one, they lucky it wernt 3-0 like last season..

    • I've noted some of the comments in reply to me #$%$ taking thread, predictable stuff and just what I'd expect from you lot;

      Personally I'm glad Woodgate has gone to Boro, hes overated and injury prone, and its logical that he'd want to play for Boro, hes a Boro lad!!! DURRRRRRRRRR! I thought even you braindead smoggies would have twigged to that one.

      He'll do the same for Boro as he did when he was at the Toon, playing blinders when he does actually play but keeping the treatment table warm 80% of the time.

      NUFC's treatment table is too crowded as it is with Owen, Dyer and every other overpaid #$%$ thats too soft & lazy to pull on a black and white shirt, so there isnt the space for Woody.


      So feel free to try and fill your stadium to pay that considerable amount of high wages he earns and NUFC will breath a sigh of relief that they actually made a few million quid profit on a player for once.

      I'll also make it known that I'm one of these Newcastle United supporters who doesnt want to see Viduka in a black and white shirt either (and theres LOADS of us who dont want him at SJP), so please keep him, hes #$%$! and the Toons got enough #$%$ playing for them as it is, without him joining the squad.

    • Oh dear, the neanderthal, low-foreheaded knuckle-dragger has surfaced from beneath his stone again. How fortunate that the vast majority of Newcastle United fans are fair minded REAL football fans who although fiercely loyal and partisan still do not resort to a tired, mindless mantra and are proud to post under a nickname which shows their allegiance and not resort to hiding behind a stereotypical, bigotted, yet anonymous insult.

    • What was the Villa score? Why were you so quiet after Chelsea? And who does Woody really want to play for? shhhhhhhhhhhhh keep quiet