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  • kht20 kht20 Aug 31, 2006 23:25 Flag

    Relegation candidate.

    This from someone who posts a 4 day old report from the Telegraph as hot news. How did you get to read the Telegraph, was it wrapped around your battered sausage and chips, because you sure as hell didn't buy it from a newsagent.....not enough pictures and too many big words for you. Oh and just to set the record straight I don't live in or anywhere near Middlesbrough, I choose to support them. And you have the nerve to call me a #$%$

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    • kht20...I couldn’t have put it better myself, its also getting all too easy to humiliate these tossers and frankly, not much sport at all.
      You have to laugh at this particular halfwits witty reply though…certainly put us in our place LOL…also, who was he referring to that lives in Middlebrough…is that anywhere near Middlesbrough or is he still too stupid to spell properly?
      Personally I live in Spain.