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  • kht20 kht20 Sep 12, 2006 20:28 Flag

    Far Flung Boro Fans


    I know the #$%$ is irritating and it is gauling to read his inane rants, but can we try not sink to his level. We don't have to justify the club or the fact we support it. We have the right to criticise the players when it is justified and we should leave the childish puerile ramblings to people like him. In fact he should be congratulated for reaching even those heights given that his attainment if due to a government basic skills programme sponsored by his local job centre.
    Just remember...... the Mags wanted Huth, he came to Boro, they wanted Woodgate, he came to Boro, they wanted Viduka, he stayed at Boro. Those facts get up white_socks nose much more than your retaliation