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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Sep 22, 2006 15:03 Flag

    Everyone's gone very quiet

    Some good points raised there Juddy Bouy,

    When did you last win something? you didn't mention that in your mail. Have you this century?

    Not loving your chairman? Don't moan at me for Boro having a top bloke in charge. its not my fault he's not a prick.

    When did you last win something?

    How long is your drought?

    Has anything been won in your life time at NUFC?

    Do you flick through news clippings of black and white (literally) photos of your team picking up trophies and feel the pride swell. (along withsomething else when your looking at pictures of men? Or was it a youth team?)

    Me, I remeber watching the game.

    EU finals, I can still see the seat I was sat in at the ground. Yes it hurt. But I was there (got the scarf and everything!)

    Poor surroundings? I'm semi retired at 28 living on the south coast of Spain near Marbella (that's where all the rich people go on holiday. You know, holidays..... those bank holiday trips to Redcar.......Daddy....bags of sweets... not telling Mummy.....). Go on knock my personal achievements and where I come from it hurts so bad. And as you say Newcastle is on the up but you didn't say that you were part of it! Dole boy bet you like some skag as well.

    Hows the bet at Ladbrooks you did mention?

    Jog on! What you just seen Green St. You bad boy! Jog on! You now saying your from the East End? You trying to mug me off?

    You jog on before I mug you off Kok boy.

    Better stick to Corrie sayings from now on, its close to your part of the country! OOOH Ashley!

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    • PMSL @dougborodickshit!

      I really get to you, dont I? (winks)

      Newcastle Uniteds trophy drought, yeah? Its not actually my fault is it? and your point is what exactly? yawn! yawn! yawn!

      Harping on about being semi-retired and personal achievements etc, HA HA HA HA! what a load of bollocks! your really full of shit, full stop and end.

      Anyone who has to come out with bullshit like that on a message board obviously isnt anything like what he says he is, I dont brag about what I do, because I dont really see the point.

      I could say I was fucking God on the internet and nobody would really give two fucks, thats how I feel about your 'alleged rich' life, theres loads of dickheads like you in cyber space who reckon they are the dogs bollocks, when in reality they are fuck all.

      Day trips to Redcar? Middlesbroughs' equivilent of Whitley Bay, (except scruffier isnt it?) a whole load cheaper and full of easy whores and smackheads, oh! and a race course! Nice view of Wilton from that shithole too!

      I've been to Florida earlier this year, which is certainly much more expensive than shitty Spain (Spains a bit 80s for holidays you know?), and I also nipped over to Germany for a couple of weeks during the World Cup.

      Perhaps if I'd been a billionaire like you, I could have went to every England match and perhaps bought a German village whilst I was there? (smirks)

      The Mummy, Daddy and packets of sweets lines ey? very natural behaviour that in Teesside isnt it? I appreciate you opening up about your childhood, but I'm not qualified as a shrink, and I sure as fuck dont want to hear about your problems.

      Its funny how its Middlesbrough thats associated with kiddy fiddlers and NOT Newcastle. That shit always sticks with the smoggys, doesnt it?

      I was at two FA Cup finals that Newcastle United lost not so many years back, so what? Your precious Boro certainly isnt the only team to lose a cup final you know? but Boro are just bad losers period, and that 4-0 stuffing really was hilarious to watch.

      Having the scarf and everything doesnt really impress me fella, I'm surprised that your not claiming to have an executive box at the Riverside that you share with your imaginary friends and keep your bullshit in.

      Corrie? oh! Coronation Street! Last time I watched that I was about 8 or 9, sorry I'm not into soap operas, shows you know very little about me.

      Manchesters closer to Middlesbrough than it is to Newcastle dickhead, explain how smoggys sound like a cross between scousers and mackems then?

      What a dodgy fucking accent it is in smoggy land, and everyone has really irritaing squeeky voices too, I gather this is because all smoggys are closet puffs? I can tell you fancy me, thats why your suggesting homo-sexual tendancies in your messages.

      Mug me? PMSL why would you do that if you were a billionaire? What a silly wanker you are.

      Dole boy? skag? Kok boy? Mug you? <------ you tosser, I'm laughing at you.


    • Nice one Douggie PMSL..see you in the pub at the weekend