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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 25, 2006 23:26 Flag

    Everyone's gone very quiet

    fucking hell!

    You really take all of this to heart dont you?

    I can tell your about to cry your eyes out soon.

    Newcastle Vs Everton was quite an entertaining match, both sides had plenty of chances to get all 3 points but never finished their chances!

    The same cant be said about Boro Vs Blackburn, NUFC may rapidly be becoming an average Premiership side but Boro have 'Championship' quality written all over them.....if anything thats degrading some of the Championship teams!

    Even Notts County gave Boro a great footballing lesson in a cup that Boro fans seem to think they will win every season since they won it the once!

    Seems Southgates clueless, but look! Bryan Robsons available again!

    Get Robbo back please, and then your precious Boro can get back to their good old selves, not turning up for fixtures and getting points deducted resulting in relegation.

    Now Doug! take this as banter and dont be crying and replying all angry as per usual!

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    • Smoggy, my dear boy... I'm not bothered about what you think or say. You seem to think you 'wind' us up. I can take a good winding, I actively encourage it. Don't worry about us Boro fans pal, we are critical of our team but loyal... unlike the blind enthusiasm your lot have.

      The reason I don't like your posts are, not cos they 'wind' me up, but because they are so blatantly unfunny and obviously written by a #$%$ You see, to wind someone up you have to be intelligent.

      Smoggy, you're just a big #$%$ And I bet that's the first time you've heard that word used in conjunction with your name.


      PS: oh, and no we don't expect to win the Carling Cup every year... but, by the way, when did you win it?

    • Hi Smoggy,

      Thanks for your email. See how much nicer this can be if we are all slightly nice to each other. I will try to not get to angry in my response. It's just that you wind me up sooooo welll, that sometimes I just bite. You are very funny.

      I thought you were very lucky against Everton. Your goal being offside one of the lucky things that happened. Not such a clever score line if it was seen.

      I think you're funny about mocking us for relegation. NUFC have hung around the #$%$ end of the league, at the beginning, on quite a few recent seasons now, only just pulling it back together after 10 or so games.

      I laughed out loud to your name the unemployeed manager game. Lets see Keegan, Souness, Guillet, Robson (although emloyeed not in his former top slot). Which one would I like to see back the most? Hmmm tough question. Probably Keegan. Nothing funny about being 13 (?) points clear at Christmas and choking. Probably one of my happier memories of him, that and "I would love it if we beat them!" ahhh sweet dreams Kev!

      My last manager you ask - oh he's running the England team. The last guy before that - oh he's the England number 2 (El Tel if you didn't know) Our first team coach - Oh he's not on Gardening leave wondering if he's got a job - Mr "Glad I have a retirement fund Bond" -he's also the England team coach. Looks like a Boro 1, 2, 3 in the England Coaching set up. I think all these guys will turn up to the games don't you?

      Now - Take this as banter and dont be crying and replying all angry as per usual!