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  • kht20 kht20 Sep 21, 2006 19:40 Flag

    Everyone's gone very quiet

    Is everyone in shock at losing to a below strength Div Two side? Am I the only one who thinks the strategy of using matches such as last nights to rest players and give others a run out is flawed? Any game is there to be won, and to win you field your stongest team. Leaving out Woodgate is understandable but as for the rest they are paid high salaries to play. The Carling Cup got us into Europe largely on the back of the so called bigger teams resting players. So if we are to get into Europe 2007-8 we have to finish at least sixth in the Premiership or win the FA Cup. Sorry Gareth, accepting full responsibility will not do on this occasion unless you are compiling a To Be Replaced list ready for the January transfer window. Even then, European matches probably won't be seen at the Riverside until 2008-9 at the earliest.

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    • I'm trying a different approach with him. I'm trying to be nice so that one person in his whole life will be nice to him. Then maybe he will grow as a person. Its worth a try.

      The only thing you left out of your message was the exchange rate which makes house prices State side roughly 80% cheaper if he takes the pound over there as well!

    • Dear Mr #$%$_sock just to quote you here:

      "I've been to Florida earlier this year, which is certainly much more expensive than #$%$ Spain"

      Much more expensive ? Are you sure ??? Heres what figures I was able to find on average house prices in Florida from ;


      "Florida Prices range from $190,000 (148,000€) for a new property with a living area of little under 120 square metres, located just seven to eight minutes away from Disney Land, three-bedroom properties are $210,000,(165,000€) while a four-bedroom home with 157 square metres of living area is around $250,000 (195,000€)" This means the average is around 1,240 € per M2 Maximum.

      Sorry to prove you a unintelligent gobshite once again, but for the price of a 4 bed house in Florida you could not afford even a one bedroom apartment in the Marbella area.

      Nationally, the average price per square metre stands at €1,824 in Spain, and in Marbella is even higher !
      Check it out if you dont believe me.


      Please get your facts right next time before you embark on yet another 1000 word rant.
      You thick #$%$.

      p.s. To Douggie - nice one mate, that bait you are fishing with is working nicely.

    • Ha ! Wish I was a bleedin billionaire....wish I was only 28 too.....No, I prefer to walk or drive up to the pub as its only half a mile from where i live...in Marbella. Sorry Mr #$%$_sock ...you enjoy the rain though LMAO.


      I gather your a billionaire too Charlie? and pop to your 'local' in Spain via private jet with dougy boy?

      #$%$ me, you two are so full of #$%$, thats providing your not really one and the same person.

      Now! how sad would that be if I'm right? OUCH! that hurts!


      OUCH....that one hurts doesnt it!

    • Oh shut up. You sound like an old woman

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      • To whom are you referring?

      • It sounds like I got to him. Florida and Germany in the same year! Way hey must have been a good boy all year for Santa to reward him so much.

        Did you enjoy Green St Geeeordi Boye? I'm just flicking through the TV listings at the moment, I'm tryng to work out what other smooth one liners you can hit me with after you've clearly mastered the remote and DVD. Impressive.

        What's the pint in me bring up our trophy win? This is quite simple... I can! Ha Ha ha

        You spent a lot of time reponding to my message and I am going to try to take a different approach with you. I just feel that you are a sad, pathetic individual who has basic and higher order social skill set issues. So in an effort to bring global (some of us go to Floida don't you know) peace and harmony to theseboads I am going to try to be nice to you from now on.

        Maybe if someone shows you kindness you can experience it and as a person you will grow and catch up with the rest of society.

        So how where the trips to Whitby, you seem to recall those with fondness?

        Weren't Newcastle impressive at the weekend. Thought that Bramble had another great game. When will he play for England?

        If I come up and visit you we could go out on the #$%$ together (this means drinking beer or other forms of alcohol, nothing else ok). Are you allowed out past 6.00?

        You say you're not into soaps. What sort of telly do you like? I can guess the type of videos.

        I hope this can be the start of a good friendship. I'm sorry for the comments I made about your childhood. That wasn't nice or clever not matter how true. I hope you can forgive me as I have forgiven you for your less than polite attitude. I look forward to your responses.

        Your true friend (first one I bet)


    • I laughed myself daft at boro's result!

      at least nufc lost to a top premiership side last night!

      i thought the carling cup was boro's lucky cup these days?

      just goes to show, boro's on a bigger decline than the geordies!

      european matches at boro 2008-09? Your having a laugh!?!

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      • Hey Jordi Boi or what ever name it is today. Your right I laughed my socks off too last night got beat by 2nd div second team! But we are giving youth a chance, (remember Tuesday's telly you had our youth player "Englands best youth potential for his age group" in a meeting with your guys but he stayed at Boro, didn't he. Probably didn't like Sheppard trying to crack onto his sister)

        It was a poor show by an unlucky team that had 8 home grown youth players still learning their trade. At least they didn't score in our half. Score in your own half? It isn't possible unless its an own goal, Not unless your NUFC. And that was your full strength team!!!!!!!!! Ha HA HA HA sorry just peed myself a little there.

        Not good enough is the lesson from last night for us. Your lesson - will never be good enough. Win something - we have in the last 5 years - can you beat that? Even if you times the number of years by 10? Ha ha ha (more pee)

        how much you spend on that spanish bloke? I think he changed his name to Unlucky when he moved to Newcastle. Will he ever play again? Owen (hope he's back for England soon) How much? Ha ha ha. Trophies at St James in the next 50 years? Ha ha having a laugh. Go down Ladbrooks and try and place a bet on you winning a trophy.......ever! Ha ha ha

        From beyond the half way line and you mock us? Big club? You need to beat the big teams to be considered a big club. "..........but but but back in 1969 we won the Fairs Cup.........." Go place the bet. Newcastle to win a trophy in 5 years (better play safe with you dole money) better make it another 50 Ha Ha ha. no more pee left.

        Go on do some jokes about me #$%$ myself. you crack me up so bad I wet myself!

        Why was the washing machine laughing?

        It was taking the #$%$ out of Jodi Boi's Mum's pants!

        I'm not #$%$ you, the machine said!!!!!!