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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Oct 17, 2006 17:43 Flag


    Got one. She's held my hand and everything.

    I still don't know why you are crying though? You come across in later messages being quite balanced in your views on Andy "The Pen Winner" Johnson but your still maoning about Yak. He was fouled by Howard for the first. Yak running across the face of goal, toe pokes it in front of and out of reach of Mr I'm still in Sir #$%$**** Alex's Plans (err no you're not) Howard who's forward momentum totally takes Yak out. There was no dive here. You try staying on your feet when 13 stone of keeper comes sliding in at your ankles missing the ball completely but hitting you.

    The second was hand ball.

    So where was the diving? Or are you refering to other instances where the ref didn't give a penalty cos there wasn't a foul. Hmmm that doesn't sound like its worth moaning about. He dived (which he didn't) and gained no advantage so I'm going to moan about it?

    How's about the goal West Ham had given against Boro last year when the ball never crossed the line and it was only given cos some WH players appealed for a goal.

    Now that sounds worth moaning about. Yak diving? Get out of it.