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  • ian s ian s Oct 18, 2006 20:16 Flag


    well then that wasn't biased was it?

    I dont think the penalty is what we're talking about here, yakubu was falling over so often it was like he was playing on ice.

    True AJ did go down a couple of times looking for it, but yakubu was so over the top you thought he was diving into water. The other thing is AJ was going down after contact, yakubu wasn't even getting touched.

    I can't belive someone who "claims" to read the guardian and the observer would actually go to specsavers either.

    You might find that the reporters for those papers are not the same as the average working class reporters who actually know a thing or two about footie.

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    • I don't think falling over 'so often' counts when you had your legs assaulted when there was no attempt to get the ball,

      Yes I agree Yak went looking for a pen but he did that once through out the game but like you said AJ went down a few times as well, does that make AJ squeaky clean?? hell no

      It over with, deal with it, its been 4 days since the match was played, now concentrate on your next game cos I am and I bet most Boro fans are since its against Newcastle (which is where I'll be on Sunday, as the gf's a geordie and her family support Newcastle :( )

    • "AJ" goes down more times than Linda Lovelace... he was responsible for about 15 penalties in the Prem with Palace one year by virtue of his Swan Lake impersonations.

      Re-read the post, dickshit ~ it wasn't biased, it was reasoned. In the same way I hate the Geordies and really hope we stuff them, but if we are shite and they beat us I'll hold my hands up and say so... I won't like it but that's being unbiased and reasoned.

      The ST and the Obs can't write about football cos they are not working class? Eh? The Obs & Guardian are the only widely available socialist newspapers in Britain and have their roots in Manchester, you thick twat. I take the ST for a bit of balance... and all of them provide brilliant reporting on the national game.

      So, who does report Footer correctly then? The Sun?? Mirror??? Star?? ~ their version of reporting is "Yakubu kicked a goal, Howard saved the ball blah blah" ~ whassamarra, can't deal with words of more than 4 letters?

      Oh, like Graham Le Saux I read the Guardian ~ so I must be a gay according to that jolly scouser Robbie Fowler.

      Ay, Ay... it's de Beatles.


      PS: jealousy over Gerrard is it???