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  • i think middlesbrough have a realistic chance of getting into europe this season do you

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    • I was gonna post before the match against West Brom that Boro are in a much stronger position to get into Europe but they must perform, after listening to the match and watching the highlights, Boro need to perform much much better as agianst Man Utd in the Quater Finals if Boro wanna qualify for Europe by winning the cup (if Chelsea and Arsenal go out)or by getting to the final and playing either the 2 teams that will probably quailfy for the Champions League.

      Again Boro where lucky

    • I'm glad to see an optimistic Boro supporter! and why not! I don't think it will be easy (we might have left it too late to qualify via the league) but we still have the chance to qualify by getting to the FA Cup final. There will be other clubs who share our ambition for this, so it will be tough, but hey - we've got as good a chance as anybody else... Fingers crossed!

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      • While I think Europe from the league is tough have a look at this. It´s our remaining fixtures

        Sat, 3rd A Newcastle (PREM.)
        15:00 -
        Sat, 17th H Man City (PREM.)
        15:00 -
        Sat, 31st A West Ham (PREM.)
        15:00 -
        Sat, 7th H Watford (PREM.)
        15:00 -
        Mon, 9th A Liverpool (PREM.)
        15:00 -
        Sat, 14th H Aston Villa (PREM.)
        15:00 -
        Sat, 21st A Man Utd (PREM.)
        15:00 -
        Sat, 28th H Tottenham (PREM.)
        15:00 -
        Sat, 5th A Wigan (PREM.)
        15:00 -
        Sun, 13th H Fulham (PREM.)
        15:00 -

        Clearly Man U and Liverpool are the hardest games. Spurs are 4 points up on us and NUFC only 1 (thats right Geordie Boy 1 point, not such a big gap between the clubs is there? How much do you spend in transfers, for what?)

        The rest 6 out of 10 games are below us in the league and not firing as we are at the moment. And we play 2 out of 3 bottom clubs. So say out of the max 30 points we can pick up 20 minimium, that will leave us in 55 and a club record season. 6th at the moment makes Europe which only leaves Reading et al to need 12 or more points. Its unlikely that they won´t hit that number in 10 games. If we nab a few more than 20 points and a few teams stutter like portsmouth we could be in for a cheeky last ditch effort to make it.

        The FA Cup although the esiest route at the moment could also help us if two champ league teams make it through to the final. Then you´re looking at 7th in the league making Europe. Better still win the FA Cup!

        Will we make it? Lets hope so, with the remaining games it could be possible. Plenty of points available from teams just around and below us. Come on Boro!

    • I have been a boro supporter since 1949 a babe in arms,wooden rattle poised.
      We need a manager who has done something,tonights result just proves it.

    • I hope so, but realistically they would probably need to buy ferry tickets for a day trip to France

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      • Things are starting to look up, unbeaten this year, normally we haven't won a game, but if we keep it up in the next few games, (Arsenal, Chelsea and Reading) we will have a fighting chance, or if we can get past Bristol City, then it will be WBA and a chance to get somewhere in the FA cup.
        A lot of the teams above are still in the cup and if one of the big guns were to win it, there will be an extra place for the uefa cup, if we can get to the Uefa cup final why not the FA cup