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    Southgate and next week

    Coming from a Boro fan I'm hoping that the Premier League refuse to allow Southgate to stay on as manager, it's not having any benifts to the game or to the club.

    He's not the manager that he thinks he is, plus his team selection can be questioned only to that of SMc.....but worse

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    • Bloody hell! If it wasn’t for Schwarzer over the past few years we would now be a few divisions down, deffo ! Which was plainly obvious on Saturday against Liverpool. Forget him, I believe we have a quality keeper who wouldn’t be out of place in any side. What we need is some creativity in Midfield, someone who terrorises opposing defenders and exploits this. Rochemback!! The nearest he has been to Brasil is when he has a cuppa coffee and trims his pubes, he gets the ball and runs backwards looking for a safe pass. Juninhio where for art thou!!!

    • Chris
      Now here is a thought for you, after GS was appointed manager, KL came out and started #$%$ about how much money had been wasted by previous managers on transfers, well I cannot dissagree with him completely about that, but it did strike me as strange that KL should say something like that just prior to GS trying to buy some new faces for the club, I think that it put GS on the backfoot and maybe, just maybe GS is the YES MAN for the board, you know what I mean "do as we say and your job will always be safe".

      People talked about Curbs coming to the Boro, well he has got the experience, but I am not so sure that he would be the right person for the Boro, what did he actually achieve at Charlton?? Nothing!!! just kept them mid table every season on a low budget, now if he came to the Boro and did that I am sure that the fans would get on his back straight away.
      Everyone wants their team to do well and win things, but not every team has the money like Chelsea & Man U and now Villa.
      Maybe what the Boro needs to do is move location, take the whole set up southwards, then maybe the team will be recognised more, appreciated more and get some billionair to come along and put his money into the club along with SG. But the fans would still complain, us teessiders are a fickle lot when it comes to the club.

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      • I would actually welcome Curbs as a manager and I think most Boro fans would as well and would accept mid-table this season also Boro might be able to get rid of the 'dead wood'.

        Like you said Charlton where mid table every season and on a low budget but what if he had the money available that SMC had, Charlton could have been challenging for Europe every season, sometimes a manager can make a club look bad but a club can also make manager look bad as well.

        I mentioned some time this season that SG should look for investors and was laughed at and now I understand why, 2 seasons ago maybe someone might have been interested but not now.

    • How about Boro being the first team to do it? Hey!!!! come on, just give him a chance

    • So far Gareth has not done too badly, maybe he shouldn't be doing his manager training in the premier league, but everyone has to start somewhere and he was asked to step in when no other prime candidate was available. If people were true supporters and they wanted to see their team do well then there wouldn't have been 10,000 empty seats last weekend. Now it is about time that people got behind Gareth and the team, quit their complaining and give the guy a chance. I have been a Boro supporter now for over 30 years and we have had a lot worse, managing the club, so lets just get behind him and give him positives not negatives.

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      • True everyone has to start somewhere but not at a club like Boro and certainly not in a league like the premier league where its now even harder to get back in once relegated, the problem Southgate has, is Boro have the same coaching set up that has done very little in 5 years, 95% of the players that have been playing with him for over 5 years and is one of the lads and won't have take him 'seriously' plus when they aint played well wont expect to be dropped, he has no coaching experience at any level and how many time shave we seen him this season shouting at the players to play better??

        The promise from SG was that the next manager would take Boro to the next level but appointing Southgate has set Boro back a few levels, yes Boro have had some good results but in order to reach the 'next level' we should not be losing to teams like Reading, Watford and Sheff Utd and putting in dismal performances in against like teams like Portsmouth and Man City hence the problem with so many empty seats at the Riverside these days, its cos fans don't know which team is gonna show up due to the Jeckel and Hyde performances so far.

        The club needs someone new, some fresh ideas, some fresh faces, who hasn't had ties with the club for the last 5 years and most of all has experience plus is not afraid to drop players and to shout to them what they are doing wrong on the pitch, not a manager who was appointed on the basis that no-one else wanted to keep the current coaching set up, I respect Southgate and in how he's handled management so far but he needs to take a step back, learn the ropes and also learn to be ruthless on and off the pitch, if not Boro are just going to end up what they where 20 years ago

    • I agree with Egmiscool, although not especially with the phraseology. Take a look at Charlton 12 games in and Ian Dowie gets the sack. Anyone who has ever started a new job at whatever level will appreciate it takes a least 3 months to settle in and if the new job is in a senior position it takes at least that to effect any changes. Alan Curbishley had over ten years in charge and was part of the fixtures and fittings, Dowie, a good coach, gets just over three months.

      Southgate has succeeded a successful predecessor arguably the most successful manager in Boro's history. Naturally he wants to do things his way, it's almost impossible to run things in the same way as the previous guy in the job... any job. Southgate has enough pride and dignity to leave the job if he ever feels he is not up to it. That point has not arrived and I can't see it arriving. Steve Gibson has much more depth and respect than most of the Premiership chairman and thankfully will give Southgate time to bed himself in and start to make an impact on the field. I am not that impressed however with Boeteng as captain, he is too nice a guy, not enough of a bastard...may be Woodgate would make a better choice.

    • I think that Southgate should stay! It would suck if they had to get rid of him!

    • I agree, as a manager he's not cutting it at the moment. I'm just wondering at the end of the season how many teams will end up having beaten Chelsea but then losing against all the newly promoted teams.

    • Anyone heard the rumour that Alan Curbishley was already appointed unofficially before gareth took the job, and Gareth is holding the reins till curbishley can officially be named manager ( he cannot work til mid november due to the pay off clause in Charltons contract!!!)
      Been told by a few reliable sources (unrelated!) who have been right more times than wrong!!!!

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      • Fucking all english man....
        u english people only knows about appointing english managers.
        look at the big four clubs?
        shouldnt it be time to ring some changes by appointing foreign managers?
        arent you english men out there staying in the comfort zone?
        look at the england team?so much potential!
        its worst than sven's reign!
        ask yourself truthfully? English or foreign? Which is better?
        hey,please! Get that 'southtie gate' off!
        maybe ronald koeman....etc?

      • I have not herd that rumor, but I would want Curbishley in, either full time or Part time to help out Southgate whilst he gets the badges and the experiance.
        With Curbishley onboard, I will have a better out look and feeling on the whole season, and will even have to start considering paying up my bet with that top 8 finish?

    • I decided to reserve judgement on the appointment of Southgate, however the premiership is not the place for an apprenticeship, however Steve Gibson is the greatest. After Monday, Southgate asked for a response and he was kicked in the teeth by his own players. I think that said everything. If Boro lose against West Ham they are in a relegation fight.

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      • It seems to me like these players from last seasons S MC squad have no respect or interest, there is no pride in their football, Southgate is just one of the lads so i hope he doesn't get the go ahead to carry on in management, he needs to gain the experience from someone like Curbishley who will get rid of the dead wood seeing out their contracts, and let the local kids play with the passion BORO fans deserve.

      • Totaly agree.

        The Premiership is no place for a manager who's just quit playing, if you look at City, Fulham and the other teams that have 'younger managers', they played some role within the club before taking up their managers job.

        The problem that Southgate has, is that 6 motnhs ago he was playing along side the current set of players (apart from the new signings), so they know not to take him as seriously unlike if it was someone who came in and wasn't attached to the club, and who wasn't afriad to 'ring the changes' playing wise (sell the 'dead wood').

        Gibson is also to blame for this, he should have got rid of the coaching staff (apart from Cooper) that SMc had, even tho they are on long contracts and got someone else in short term but long enough for Southgate to learn the ropes and play some part in the clubs coaching set up before that leap to management