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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 6, 2006 23:49 Flag

    Southgate and next week

    I have not herd that rumor, but I would want Curbishley in, either full time or Part time to help out Southgate whilst he gets the badges and the experiance.
    With Curbishley onboard, I will have a better out look and feeling on the whole season, and will even have to start considering paying up my bet with that top 8 finish?

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    • I agree, we would benefit from an experienced manager...as opposed to the last 3- Robson, Maclaren and Southgate who had their first taste of management at Boro.

    • #$%$ all english man....
      u english people only knows about appointing english managers.
      look at the big four clubs?
      shouldnt it be time to ring some changes by appointing foreign managers?
      arent you english men out there staying in the comfort zone?
      look at the england team?so much potential!
      its worst than sven's reign!
      ask yourself truthfully? English or foreign? Which is better?
      hey,please! Get that 'southtie gate' off!
      maybe ronald koeman....etc?