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  • Marc Marc Nov 21, 2006 08:21 Flag

    Southgate and next week

    I agree with you on your points about the coaching staff being the same, but lets look at what they did achieve 1 cup win, 2 great seasons in Europe, the highest ever finishing position in the EPL. I do not think that is all that bad and I do not see how you can say that they have done very little, during our runs in Europe and the other cups, we didn't have the biggest squad to handle it and it cost us in the league performance.
    I don't think that you are totally correct about the players not taking him seriously, they listened to him when he was captain, so why shouldn't they now? Once GS gets himself sorted out with the licence business, he will be able to just get on with the football and I am sure that things will change for the better.
    SG did promise that the new boss would take Boro to the next level, but take into account exactly when GS was appointed, what players were available to him and would they come to the Boro? For the time he had before the transfer window closed, I thought he did fairly well, no panic buying, just a cautious approach.
    Boro have always been a jeckel & hyde team for as long as I can remember, every time we were doing good in the cups we were bad in the league and likewise.
    I say give GS until Feb 07, see who he buys in the next transfer window and see how the team performs with some fresh faces.

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    • Ok yes Boro had 3 great seasons back to back but how many times was it the same old story, play a cup match, lose in the next league or play great in Europe play #$%$ in the next league game, you are forgetting that Boro never won back to back league games for over a year and only won 5 games after playing in Europe over a 2 year spell.

      Reason I'm saying that the players treat Southgate like one of the lads still and not as seriously is that Mendi, Ugo and Parlour and the other dead wood would have left by now, the performances against Reading, Watford, Man City, Portsmouth and Sheff Utd would have been a lot better than they where, I'm not saying we would have won all of them, all I am saying is that the attitude would have been a lot better, I still reckon that if you appoint a manager who been playing at the club is a wrong step, the players attitude would not be the same as if it was someone new to the club, the manager may know a players strength and weakness by playing with them week in week out but the players would also know the managers weakness would try exploit that.

      Southgate had 3 months to replace Franck and Jimmy and himself, Southgate brought in an average championship left back in to replace Franck, then came out and said that there was no need to buy another striker leaving Boro with Macca who tries but seems to be a waste of £8M and only seems to play once he comes off the bench, Viduka who cant be bothered at times and also is either unfit or injured, Graham who's un-tried but cant even score in the lower leagues when on loan and Chirstie who's injured all the time leaving only Yak and what's gonna happen when he gets injured??? Southgate then chased Huth but once we found out that he failed a medical as he was injured, he then chased Distan who was never going to come, yes Southgate has been cautious unlike another manager I agree with that but why did he waste £6M on Huth when we brought Woodgate on loan, Huth is a good player but he can't into the team at the moment and wont even get on the bench once Riggot fully fit, Boro also has Bates who has proven himself when he's needed to be called on, we could have spent £2M-£3M on someone like Nugent or a creative midfield and right winger, something that should have been addressed last season, I wouldn't expect any buying in the next transfer window unless the 'dead wood' are sold 1st but with most of them Southgate's 'mates' it probably wont happen