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  • A Yahoo! User Nov 23, 2006 03:24 Flag

    Southgate and next week

    How can you call schwarzer and boateng dead wood? Apart from woodgate these two have been outstanding for me,
    one name who is dead wood who you missed is Mendietta

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    • Boateng's been rather #$%$ since he's took over as captain, i'd keep Schwarzer tho

    • Schawzer to me and I say again "to me" has been lazy, he always comes across as if he does not want to try very hard, times when there is no pressure on him to make simple catches or saves, he makes things difficult. It is time that we had a younger or a more wanting to play keeper. I agree with smogtastic that the captaincy has ruined Boateng's game, but he is constantly making serious mistakes, I am sorry but I just do not know where you can get outstanding from!!!!
      I left out Mendietta because I haven't seen too much of him this season, but when I have seen him he plays reasonably well one week then not so good the next week, so I am undecided about him.