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  • I agree with you, there is still plenty that can go wrong, but, GS is at the helm at present and he needs all the support from the fans. We have a very busy time coming up next month and I hope that we don't do the usual Boro thing over the christmas period and fall off the pace. If GS can keep us mid table at the end of the year then I think everything will be ok by the end of the season.

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    • Well I have certainly been dissapointed with the apointment of GS as manager but at the end of the day what can we do? I am sick of complaining about the fact and have decided the only way is to ride this one out come what may. While I do not agree with Gibbo on this one I will reserve my judgement until the end of the season and try to support his decision....I hope for all our sakes he proves me wrong.

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      • Aah a pragmatist! You are correct however what can the ordinary fan do. But consider Steve Gibson's record since taking over the club pumping his own money into it over the years. His appointment of Bryan Robson was bold and inspired. Big names were signed and promotion and cup finals were achieved. OK so relegation also formed part of the mix, but these were transitional times. The appointment of MacLaren was also a clever move and like it or not he is now the England manager. Under his stewardship we won a cup and achieved European football culminating in a European final. It's his money remember and I doubt he is ready to see it go down the pan or for that matter risk losing the £40m per season Boro get from the Premiership. Like you I was, still am, dubious about the appointment of GS, but also like you I'm willing to give him the time to prove himself. One thing I am sure is he is no mug and I think Steve G has seen something in him worth backing. Lets hope it becomes apparant to us very soon. He will be holding a clear out in January and bringing in some fresh faces, I for one will keep an open mind.