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  • Obviously flying a kite is about the best you can do, because if that is the best you can come up with, I would give replying to things on this message board a miss.
    Unless I am very much mistaken football is a game, what are you watching?? Paint dry??

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    • I agree with you. Football is a game BUT Passion is invovled. It isnt a MONOPOLY GAME.
      English man are simply Complacent.
      They dont dare to admit. English Pride is at stake.
      I can bet england will unde-perform for the next Euro 08 and even world cup 2010 if the manager is still a English Man. Current english clubs and players look like foreigner's toy to me.
      One thing that made me Proud of them:
      Their P.R is GoOD !
      I like ur idea of letting a Women to be involve in this Beautiful Game.
      It will be even more sexy off the field.

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      • I can just imagine a woman manager standing by the dugout in a mini skirt, getting to blows with Wenger, mind you he looked like he was swinging his handbag the other week at Pardew.
        I have to disagree with you on the complacency point, I believe that all English managers want to prove that they can be or are better than the foreign managers and remember that not all foreign managers have done well in the EPL only a handful have done well and look at the money they had behind them to make the clubs successful, if it wasn't for the money they wouldn't be doing that well in the EPL.
        When you look at todays teams there are not that many English players in the top teams, so I don't see how people can expect the England national coach to be able to put a top class team together, consistently. If a few injuries come up he is restricted on who he can get to replace the injured players. Maybe England will struggle in Euro 08 (if they qualify) and the 2010 WC, but also maybe they wont!!! Only time will tell