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    Gibson has lost the plot!!

    HOW much did he turn down for Downing - 10-12M.. This guy is one of the most overrated players in the prem. Thank christ for gibson not letting spurs have him. And we dodged 11M for Duff and got Malbranque for 2.5M - a better player for 8M less.

    I know the left side of midfield is a difficult spot to fill in the prem but these valuations are just plain crazy as is Gibson for not accepting it. I like Downing (and other boro players, Viduka, Yakubu, Woodgate, Mendietta) but if the price is good (overvalued) u gotta let them go. We lost Carick in summer which #$%$ many a spurs fan myself included, but we got 18M (Berbatov and Chimbonda). Even u downing lovers up there have gotta see that he has never quite lived up to the hype and the sense in picking up 10-12M.

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    • Downing has the potential and youth on his side, he is a Boro lad born & bred, our squad could actually field a team of players that were born within ten miles of the ground.
      How many teams could do that ? It seems to me to be a wise move by Gibson in keeping the young players together as surely they will end up together in the first team in a few years.Gibson has lost the plot ??.... aye righto.

    • So Downing has had a poor season and a half but you are forgetting he was injured for 5 or 6 months last season and never really recovered fully as he kept on picking little injures now again.

      I reckon £10-12M for a player of his quality is very poor, if SWP can go to Chelsea for £21M and Carrick to Man Utd for £18M then Downing's value should be somewhere round there, Downing doesn't wanna leave the club and if he did why would he take a step backwards and sign for a club like Spurs?? when he could have the chance to move to a bigger club.

      Also tell me this, are you calling him overrated cos of the England game where everyone should have been blasted for and he was made a scapegoat or is it cos you never managed to sign him??

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      • LOL Downing worth 18-21M - man what are you on?? No i didnt want him at spus not even for 5M but i concede that Downing himself wasnt interested as ur right - theres not 2 much difference between the clubs out of the top 4 (Boro, Newcastle, Spurs, Villa, Man City, even Leeds are a pretty damn big club). Point I was makin is that he has never lived up to the hype - every england game he has been average but ye, the injuroies havent helped - guess the next couple of seasons (injury free) will give the answer.

    • Gibson has not lost the plot and I wouldn't say that SD is overrated. When he is fully fit he is an exceptional player, but one player does not make a team, any player needs other good players around them to make them shine and SD is no different to any other player, maybe he does need to move on to further his career, but for the fans of the Boro, we don't want to see him go.
      You did get a good deal in buying Malbranque, but as for Duff, well just look at the players he had around him prior to his move to the Geordies, those players made him look good, hence the value put on him. Unfortunately next season Liverpool look like they are going to have the money to challenge Chelsea and it is going to be almost impossible for the normal teams to buy good players at the correct prices. I can see prices for players going a lot higher than Chelsea have been paying, because there will be serious competition in the financial side of things. Maybe the FA should be looking at a rich mans league making Chelsea, Man U (possibly) Liverpool etc going into their own division and allowing the teams who want to play real football without worrying about the mega millions to buy players and fight it out as the game should be played and keep the fans happy.