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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 3, 2007 10:43 Flag

    Life in Middlesborough?



    Southern puff.

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    • You calling someone a puff is laughable when you call yourself "Biggles"! That's the kind of name you give gay airline pilot or a hamster.

      Your messages dont even mention which team you support. Do you actually like football or is your mission to just get at people?

      And, as for Hartlepool, now that is a dump. I used to go to the art college there. I'm not saying Teesside is heaven, but at least it doesnt look like the film set of "The Dawn of The Dead". People wandering around not knowing what to do or why they left the house, mentals throwing imaginery bits of paper at people and Screaming in their faces. It's a wonder Hartlepool hasnt been closed down yet or giant walls put up to keep the mentals in.