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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Dec 12, 2006 01:11 Flag

    Life in Middlesborough?

    Looks like now he's above us in the league he's worked out how to type again. This is the worse type of abuser. Can slam but can't handle being slammed.

    You only sing when your winning Geordie Boy. Its a sad state. Speaking of sad states they haven't won anything since................

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    • Thats interesting, your going on about Geordies only singing when they are winning.

      It appears none of you lot have said a great deal UNTIL NUFC went above you in the league again.

      So you lot are only whinging when NUFC are winning then?

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      • You're right I'm not bothered by you winning. Your character bothers me. You the sort of half man who doles out abuse but when your not winning you run and hide.

        So, lets make it clear here, not all Geordies but you. You only sing when your winning. You only stick your head above the pulpit when you're confident you can win. Anything less and you run and hide like a scared mongoose.

        I find that taking the mickey is great fun but you also have to learn to be a good sport and take it back. It makes it funnier you see when you knock other people plus they feel more able to cope with the abuse. These are basic social skills (ah now I see the problem). You run and hide when its your turn and only turn up if you think you're winning. That's sad and a trait most people don't like (see social skills above)

        You should also spend less time focusing on us and spend more time on your own team...... But no-one speaks to you on your on board-they're all bored of you. Personally I think you're so sad you actually funny in a pet project sort of way (social skills again).

        Nice to see you doing well in Europe (I'm trying to make an effort here). Honestly. See we are simply better people than you. Not all Geordies, just better than you.

        See you've got some new sign in names. Why spend so much time being other personalities? Do you just don't like yourself and need to create other people to be so you can like yourself more? Or is it the other voices in your head?

        Don't worry I'll try to be your friend (social skills again) but to make that work you need to be less of an #$%$ (social skills again, sorry). Gone on try it for me, your only friend.