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  • That makes you look even stupider then, doesnt it?

    If your girlfriends Dad was stating that NUFC fans were cheering Boro on in the UEFA Cup last season and wishing them well, then that just goes to show how much better NUFC fans are in character.

    Thank you very much for posting that, it just goes to show that NUFC fans are definately a better calibre of football fan, and just how bitter Boro fans are about the Geordies, and why? because of regional difference and all because Middlesbrough as a place is renound for being a dump amoungst a whole host of other things.

    Thats the people of Middlesbroughs fault, not Newcastles.

    What was that the Boro fans were singing about last season, when Boro were in the UEFA Cup and gloating about the Geordies being at home watching the Bill?

    Do you hear NUFC fans singing anything like that about the Boro this season? no, because Geordies dont really give two hoots about Middlesbrough.

    As making references to #$%$ out to cause bother' explain how NUFC fans dont cause anywhere near the amount of bother in europe that the Boro fans did last season?

    Its because NUFC fans are renound for just giving good vocal support and supporting their club well, unlike the Boro who are proud of their hooligan aspect. (I work with a couple of Boro lads and all they seem to go on about, is how 'hard' their fans are)

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    • "unlike the Boro who are proud of their hooligan aspect" this shows how intelligent you really are, as there is hardly any trouble when Boro play home or away, and if there is its usually #$%$ who don't even like football, I expect your now gonna blame every Boro fan for England's past hooligan problem which resulted getting kicked out of Europe 20 odd years ago and all problems England had at international matches, I take it Newcastle and other teams fans have never caused trouble?? (yer right).

      Fact is that they are some Newcastle fans or fans in general who are decent who don't mind a bit of ribbing now and again but can support an English team in Europe, you don't seem to be one of them, as it seems you can dish it out but when it comes to taking it, you have to go all on the defensive. Then they are the losers who are just here post #$%$ cos they think it makes them 'look big' and have nothing better to do with their lives.

      If you have a problem with the Boro lads you work with, ignore their comments but not all Boro fans are like that at the end of the day.

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      • Where exactly have I said that I'm blaming every Boro fan for english football hooligism in the last 20 years?

        You point where I typed that one out and I'll gladly eat humble pie!

        Or are you now trying to deny that some Boro fans were engaged in violent incidents in europe during the UEFA Cup last season?

        Frankly I'm not that bothered about it, I just cant understand why you cant take ANY CRITICISM WHATSOEVER when it comes to Middlesbrough or its football club? Just the way you go on its as if the Boro are all so bloody perfect!!!

        Whos really 'going in the defensive' there then? obviously you judging by that reply to my post.

        Thats why the only remarks the likes of you and other Boro fans like yourself here post, all attriubute to a non-qualified judgement on how 'intelligent' people are, especially if the people who post something come from Newcastle.

        Do you honestly think that everybody & everyone should feel in awe of you or something? get over yourself you arrogant pratt and stop being so huffy.

    • No, its because you have only played half the games we did last year, and you didnt travel to Rome (renowned as the worst hooligan element in Europe!!). Spaeaking to the locals in Rome after the trouble and they had nothing but praise for the Boro fans!
      As you werent at the games you mention, you arent qualified to talk about them so dont!!!

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      • Your talking utter rot there mike.

        If Rome is such a bad place for football hooigans, then why do millions of people visit Italy on a yearly basis?

        Newcastle played Palermo just a few weeks back and their fans have a right bad old reputation, yet the Geordies had no trouble.

        Stop arguing for the sake of arguing, I've read quite alot of your posts, and in all honesty you talk rubbish most of the time as it is.

        Your one of these people if someone has a 6 foot wall, you'd say yours is 10 foot!