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  • michael h michael h Dec 12, 2006 05:54 Flag

    Boro bid rejected

    No, its because you have only played half the games we did last year, and you didnt travel to Rome (renowned as the worst hooligan element in Europe!!). Spaeaking to the locals in Rome after the trouble and they had nothing but praise for the Boro fans!
    As you werent at the games you mention, you arent qualified to talk about them so dont!!!

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    • Your talking utter rot there mike.

      If Rome is such a bad place for football hooigans, then why do millions of people visit Italy on a yearly basis?

      Newcastle played Palermo just a few weeks back and their fans have a right bad old reputation, yet the Geordies had no trouble.

      Stop arguing for the sake of arguing, I've read quite alot of your posts, and in all honesty you talk rubbish most of the time as it is.

      Your one of these people if someone has a 6 foot wall, you'd say yours is 10 foot!

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      • Like i said, you werent in Rome n probably havent beent to see your team in Europe anyway , just commenting on hearsay and tabloids!
        As for millions visiting Rome, how many are there for a football match??( a small percent!) and as for Palermo having a reputation, if they have it hasnt been in the news as much as Roma has, Namely the stabbing of 2 lazio fans before a match last season AND playing behind closed doors in Europe for crowd trouble!!!
        I dont give a #$%$ about the crowd trouble, but #$%$ like you that pin it down on boro fans when you arent even there at first hand should just get on with the troubles at your own club!!

      • This is starting to look like handbags at dawn!!!!!

        Just for your information, up until wembley was knocked down, the Boro fans were rated as the best behaved at any time of any cup finals by the Met police, which is something that the geordies didn't even get a mention about, except in the arrest report.
        Anyway if you can't handle the critisism then don't keep posting things that you know will upset people, i know most Boro fans give as good as they get. My sisters ex husband was a geordie fan, you note how I said 'ex'? She finally came to her senses :-)