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  • Every team in the league would like to appoint a manager that bought success to the club and could grow and develop with the club. I thought West Ham might have had that in Pardew, and with the signing of the two Argies at the outset of this campaign, all indicators were that they had a winner.
    Years ago, Pards might have been given more time to show that he could turn things around, but i guess nowadays you are only as good as your last result. Out of Europe, bottom of the table, can't find a fit for the golden boys, and yet the team they do turn out each weekend can't find the net either. I suppose it was inevitable.
    Curbishley was a surprise to me, and he'll have his work cut out, but i can see West Ham picking up some points soon and starting the slow crawl to safety. Reckon the two Argies may feature more now, and we may see some Charlton imports with the new transfer window approaching.
    I think they’ll stay up.

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