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  • One coach has left, just hope the other ones who McClaren brought in will follow suit soon, so Southgate can get some coaches who might do a bit better this time

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    • Not that I want to cheer someone leaving but my greatest concern when SM left was if the coaching staff isn't changing why would the performances on the pitch change as they are simply running the same drills and attitudes.

      On Sky Sports they quote GS as saying there was a conflict of views which lead to the departure. This can only be good for us, GS wants to take the club in a different direction to what we're doing.

      Also he seems to be showing some balls in the the transfer market with "big names" being shown the door.

      You could tell by the look on his face when signing, Rocky was never overjoyed at the prospect at playing for Boro. His performances range wildly. Mendi, hasn't had the fight for the Premiership for a while. Ugo- injuries telling. Parlour 3 years a player under 40 first team starts! Mass- you got love him for the UFEA goals and the fact he actually seemed to run for the team when he came on, Never lived upto a 8m price tag though. Christy? Bless, after that long out he needs longer to prove himself-even after 3.5years! His goal:start ratio is amazing though

      The Duke? Keep him I say. he'll offer (if fit) more than the 2m pounds if we sell, in the final half of the season. Plus if he plays well he may sign again. When fit, which isn't often enough, he is still an amazing player.

      Who do we need to sign? a right midfielder, central midfielder who can attack, and a pacey forward. And our youth players to age about 3 seasons over night would be a big bonus too.

      The French Sulk mk II (Jeremie Aliadiere) has been liked with us I don't see him as a good buy or loan. Too much attitude and too little perfomance at any of his clubs from Celtic, Arsenal and West Ham. Not what we need at the moment.

      The early questions about GS being able to make the hard decisions and drop his mates seem to be being answered. All we need now is four top quality players, a few wins, play exciting football and the league is ours!