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  • A Yahoo! User Jan 24, 2007 23:39 Flag

    1-5 . And Its all gone quiet over there

    the green smog comes belching from old i c i
    the smoggies rejoice but its pie in the sky
    you can,t build a season on one flukey win
    as always your dreams will end in the bin
    don,t be downhearted don,t be distraught
    blame all the tossers old jug ears has bought

    it,s time for the truth,a reality check
    your team is pathetic,in fact it,s a wreck
    your midfield,s a joke i,ve seen more runs in paint
    your forwards are lazy,energetic they ain,t
    woodgate is diferent,he knows the crack
    when you lot go down can we please have him back?
    but its pie in the sky

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