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  • One One Jan 21, 2007 04:31 Flag

    Woodgate = Bolton undoing

    A fantastic result.

    The forwards will undoubtably get all the praise they deserve, and I to have rarely seen a left wing worked as well as that (keep the confidance Stew).

    In heavy scoring wins, the defense is sometimes ignored.

    Boltons tactics were as ever, launching long balls and getting whiners in the area (glad to see Diouf sent off...Boro fans remember him).

    My point is that it just goes to show. To beat a longball team such as Bolton, all you need is a CD player such as the quality of Woodgate who can lick long balls up like a fluffy kitten getting his chops around his first tin of cream.

    When that happens, a Championship standard side like Bolton can look at what they are. A long-ball Championship side.