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  • How many fans are making the journey down to Ashton gate? 3 west country boro fans hoping to come along as well.

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    • sorry doug, couldn`t resist,i guess that recent events have left me a bitter and twisted parody of my former self.fancy a few quid on the replay ?

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      • As I always say to my mates back home Boro only ever conceed wonder goals. On the weekend, we got beat to the win by a wonder goal. I had quite a few mates at the game who said we got out played in the second half. I just think we took the foot off the gas which is something we can't afford to do which allowed a hughly pumped up city back in.

        Take your money? Had you asked for a bet on the first leg I'd have given you better odds than the bookies. At home, I wouldn't take a bet, its too unfair on you!

        By the way this central defender Gooch aint up to much that you've been linked with (even though you got Bramble to compare him to)

        we looked at him pre World Cup and I watched the USA games to see what he was like. Came with a massive build up but looked well out of sorts against top players and our interest fade cos he was so poor. All the write ups are saying how impressive he was at the WC. Not sure what games they watched or with rose tinted glasses time may have been kinder to him. But I don't think you'll be happy with him.

        Its making me smile anyway!

    • that'll make it six then !

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      • The worst thing about this clash, is that I have never seen Boro beat City (live in 40 years), and I have never seen City loose a game either ! I do hope for a change of fortune tomorrow.
        Could not get away tickets, so I have to stay inconspicuous and act as a natural fan(s). I may be thinking 'come and have a go if you think your hard enough', but the words will not come from the mouth, for self preservation only !

      • Bet you're off to watch your team train Dave. Busy weekend fixture for you is it? You'll have lots of time this weekend to discuss Boro's football on these websites cos there aint a lot happening on your board.

        What happened to you in the FA Cup, I forget?