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  • Timothy-Poof Timothy-Poof Feb 14, 2007 18:35 Flag

    Credit where it's due!

    Hey Marc, cheers for the response. I take no offence to what you have said and agree wholeheartedly that our aim next season should be to consolidate our Premiership status. However I feel it is still important to stay optimistic.

    What has happened to Wigan has been a real eye-opener for them but in fairness I think they have been dogged by injuries and a bit of bad luck. Look at Sundays game against Arsenal, if they play like that for the rest of the season they should be fine.

    The club whose example I do not wish my team to follow is undoubtedly West Ham. They too had a successful first year in the Premiership and they are really struggling now. The difference between them and Wigan? I think West Ham thought they were better than they really are and abandoned the mentality that got them where they were last season. The players have failed to play with the passion of last year against teams of similair or lesser standard than them. I refer to games against Arsenal and Man Utd this year where West Ham did show some fight and took an unlikely three points in both games. I think if we remember the things that have got us where we are this season and couple it with a couple of shrewd signings in the summer we should be ok next season too. I'm not saying we will have as much success as this year, but who knows.

    Clubs to follow examples of:- Charlton pre 2006/7, Bolton, Fulham, Portsmouth and yes Middlesbrough

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