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  • Matthew Matthew Feb 17, 2007 00:46 Flag

    Woodgate to undergo psychiatric treatment

    you're obviously a misguided cretin who has clearly never actually been to Middlesbrough or the surrounding area. We may not be the biggest town in the world and yes, there is a lot of industry on the River Tees, but we are also a mere fifteen minutes away from one of the largest, most beautiful and historically significant National Parks in the United Kingdom. It is also worth pointing out to an uneducated buffon like yourself that if it were not for Teesside, this country would not have had such booming Steel, Iron and Chemical industries - and without our honest, hardworking and underpaid workers those fat cats from the south would not be quite so fat. Jonathan Woodgate was born in Middlesbrough - as I was - and is therefore no different from any other self-respecting Teessider, in that he is undoubtedly proud to be from the area.If you want to take this up with me I'd be happy to engage you, you ignorant snob - otherwise perhaps you should keep your unsubstantiated rants to yourself.

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    • Who on earth would possibly proud to come from an area like Teesside and Cleveland? The place is full of inbred people to start with.

      If you just take a look at places like Skinningrove, Guisborough and places like Grove Hill in the Boro for example you will find its a guaranteed place to find a pedigree village idiot, brainless yob or complete crime commiting smackhead!

      As for these beautiful national parks in Teesside? well? where exactly are they then? I dont recall seeing any?

      In under 10 minutes west of Newcastle you have proper flowing countryside, and places like Hadrians Wall which is a significant tourist attraction!

      If your going to try and play that game of our region is better than yours, then dont bother, even the most realistic of Teessider knows that Newcastle, Sunderland, Durham & Northumberland have a whole load more going for them than #$%$ Boro, Teesside and Cleveland.

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      • For Skinningrove, Guisborough and Grove Hill, see Meadowell, Wallsend, Byker, Walker, Denton and the entire west end of newcastle, which are all the shittiest dumps in the world. In terms of countryside, it's all the same! Who cares? I've lived in Billingham and now I live in Newcastle because of me job and I can tell you it's all the same. The people are the same, some are nice, good people to know; some would rob you blind, beat you up and spit on you. This is a stupid argument. Get back to football.

    • 15 minutes?? yeah by space shuttle