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  • John John Nov 14, 2007 17:48 Flag

    53,000 Geordies

    Sorry to step in guys, but your jokes inspired me:

    Sam Allardyce has got fed up with his team not performing and wants to know how the league leaders do it so he sent Alan Shearer on a trip down south to see how Arsene Wenger trains the Arsenal squad.

    Alan's patiently watching, when AW calls over Robin Van Persie. "Robin, I'm not your brother, but your uncle's son. Who am I?" Robin immediately answered "You'd be my cousin"

    Alan looked bemused, and asked "Wha was that all aboot?" AW explained that asking quick fire questions helped to keep their minds alert.

    Bouyed by the idea, Alan shot back up to the Toon and reported back to Big Sam. Next day at training, they were both stood on the sidelines, when Alan called over James Milner and Nicky Butt. Alan pointed at Nicky and asked James "He's not your brother, but your uncle's son. Who is he?"

    James looked puzzled, then answered "He'd be my cousin?"

    Alan smacked him and said "No you twat, he's Robin Van Persie!"

    Big Sam then smacked Alan, and said "No it's not, it's Arsene Wenger?"

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    • Funnier joke!

      Whos 3rd bottom of the Premiership at the time I posted this?

      Boro! ROTFLMAO!

      So much for the self proclaimed top north eastern club, where the supporters still can't fill a stadium!

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      • The season is a marathon not a sprint. It is a bit like looking who is 13 points clear at Christmas then saying they will win the league but then........Sound familiar GB? Lets look at it then end of the season but I am glad you admit that Boro were the top team last season and until this season finishes we are still in that position.

        Keep smiling grumpy.

        Just think in 3 more games you could have all the excitment of a new manager.