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  • Boro Doug Boro Doug Dec 17, 2007 03:44 Flag

    53,000 Geordies

    We've got enough guys on the sick note bench to not give our physio more stress by getting DD Dukes and Owen. Besides there is only one club clever enough to pay 80 and 100k a week for that regularly appearing strike force!

    Got a tasty South Korean for sale at 8m if you're interested? A real regular goal scorer!

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    • Hey Doug,is the answer Chelsea,thinking of Shevchenko who is on £130k a week and hardly plays or maybe Man ure who pay Saha a substantial lump for sitting on the bench or perhaps Liverpool who pay Crouch and others lumps of money for modelling tracksuits.Actually Doug I may need a clue coz realistically it could be any "Big Club" because they all seem to have at least four highly paid strikers.But then you wouldn`t know that being a Boro fan would you Doug by the way how much is Aliaddywhatseezface getting paid these days ?