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  • Don't get me wrong got nowt against the geordies or I wouldn't be going out with one, its just the ones like smoggy_white_socks and that bunch that I can't stand and who also post utter crap on here, but every team has 'fans' like that I guess,

    It was a shame Newcastle went out last night.

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    • Geordies at home watching the Bill.....

      It´s only the hate that we received after actually making and losing the final that makes it sweeter now that they´ve gone out and couldn´t even get that far.

      Reap what you sow.. "Geordie likes hanging around blokes" your silence is deafening. Your teams performance stunk.

      4-2 up, you got cocky. 4-4, you look like cocks.

      Buy a new defence cries Glenn. Who wants to go there? Not Woody that´s for sure.

      Spurs take on Seville now, lets see how they do.

      Mean time bring on the Mancs, both of them!