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  • Ha , so Fergie has never rested players before ???
    The old git is trying to stir things up cos he is papping hiself about facing the mighty Boro tonight ; )

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    • Seems Warnock has had a pop at Southgate now for reasting key players on Saturday........He hopes "Boro lose their next six games now, so they know how it feels."


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      • hi smoggie. i'm a Blade and when i'd heard what Warnock had said i couldn't help but feel like, 'oh, he's done it again!'. i can appreciate his frustration but to be honest, (i'm a season ticket holder) and go to as many away games as possible, we've thrown away so many points this season it's frightening. like a lot of Blades fans we'd sometimes wish he would spend more time putting all his frustration into making possitive Sheff U as a team rather than keep gobbin off. i can totally understand you thinkin, #$%$'!! one thing's for certain, if we go down it certainly aint Gareth Southgates fuckin fault!! take it easy mate. Hope you guys do well against Lancs. pricks tonight.