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  • And how do you know rudibetamax is a Boro fan?

    Sometimes them 'kind of' penalites are given sometimes they aint, just like sometimes players are booked for raising their hands and sometimes they aint, like Rooney twice last night who should have been off.

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    • Ronaldo IS a very good player, the trouble is that he is also a fuggin BIG SERIAL CHEAT too.I'd sooner put up with a red blooded man like Rooney raising his fists in a game than the playacting antics of a falling down cheating slimeball. Remember the earlier game this year when Schwartzer didnt even touch him but he still went down and "won" a matchwinning penalty. Refs should get wise to these capers and give him a few yellows for "simulation". But then I guess they never will 'cos Utd are "big box office" and theres nowt down for the "little" clubs. Anyway who'd want Sir Alex Nobhead chewing you out after the game. Certainly not the bunch of refereeing weasles we have these days.