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  • O.K.pal lets keep it sensible,nobody`s talking #$%$ here,they just have a diferent opinion to yours ! i`m a newcastle supporter and as such you`d expect me to gloat/have a laugh when the smoggies take a hit....not so.your natural byass toward your own team is understandable,we all have double standards to a certain extent.the answer to this arguement is twofold,the referee with a split second to make his mind up has made an honest decision,in fairness it looked right.however if your brutally honest with yourself,you know as well as i do that this young man who is blessed with incredible balance,( a la george best ) apparently loses the ability to maintain the perpendicular when he enters the opposition penalty area.the rest depends on what you want from your team and football in general,but is honesty too much to ask for.when football was played by men and not overpaid prancing ponces i for one believe it was a better game to watch. i have no wish for football to return to the brutality of the 60`s and 70`s when the bludgeoning tackle from behind was considered by many centre halves as a polite way of introducing themselves to the opposition forwards.but i do believe very stongly that this type of cheating diminishes the game and must be stopped before it f*cks the game. sadly it`s the diego maradonna (cheating b*st*rd )mind set that no matter how sly,sneaky or dishonest you are as long as you get away with it and YOUR team benifit from it thats o.k. well not in my book it f*ck*ng isn`t.if that makes me naive,old fashioned,or just a boring miserable #$%$so be it !by the way i was at wigan recently to watch the toon ( i turned up the toon didn`t )and i was every bit as sickened by sibierski`s dive for our penalty as i was by ronaldo`s on monday,after which ronaldo was proudly stating that if anyone so much as touches him in the box then he is going down.he even seemed genuinely bemused that anyone should expect him not to cheat.what a roll model ! as my awld fella used to say ........son they`ll get football done away with !