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  • Zambezi Zambezi Apr 27, 2007 17:46 Flag

    what a buch of losers

    area ratio ----old trafford 75000 average gate- riverside 27000 say---recent mori poll 80 per cent of attendance living in greater manchester thats 60000 minimum against your 27000 if they indeed all live on teeside end of story as usual your facts are mere fantasy ALWAYS remember you live in a small town in yorkshire --no a small town in north yorkshire .History will show you that when it comes to attendances mfc have always lagged well behind the other two top north east clubs that as all football people throuout the uk know to be absolute fact .should safc be promoted this season keep a regular check on attendance figures to see who has the greater, i will make a wild prediction --first-nufc second-safc-last-mfc .Why was the riverside not built to accomadate a bigger crowd a capacity of say 45000 because of course its cheaper to keep it at around 35000 and no more would come anyway so whats the point mr gibson and mr lamb knew that.It would be better all round for you if you once and for all just accepted that you will NEVER be able to compete with the passion and the fervour that exsists in newcastle and sunderland thats simple fact its no disgrace on your part thats life . you have a great chairman and a decent premiership team who through the chairmans money can get good players as a previous poster suggests.just accept that a dont go on about attendances as you will be shot down in flames every single time anyway you probably wont get a reply its so ludicrous a point.